Men’s Haircut High Gradient, Styles and Trends Of The Moment

Welcome back dear readers of CF Moda Mag, we are here again to talk about a very interesting topic, in today’s article we will deal with men’s haircuts with high shades. We all know that the look is fundamental for anyone, it is our business card, the first thing we transmit to the people around us. For this reason, our haircut must also be taken care of in the best possible way.

One of the hottest haircuts styles of the moment is undoubtedly the high gradient man hair. Today we will see what it means, how to do it and the various examples that are the most popular.

What does the nuance mean?

Let’s start seeing how to cut men’s hair with gradient. Let’s start by saying that a faded cut is a very trendy look lately, which has been going on for a long time.

It can also be called a gradient, as in this type of men’s cut, the hair is shaved gradually, back, to the sides until it merges with the front of the neck.

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If you learn to choose which look suits us best and the difference between the different types of shades, you can have an excellent result, obtaining a perfect and fashionable gradient cut.

Difference between high and low gradient
One of the first things to do is to understand what is the difference between high and low nuance, another type is the classic or regular one.

In the traditional shade, the hair is scaled a few centimeters from the nape and also on the sides.

Instead with a high shade, the hair is thinned from the base of the head to the temples, gradually and evenly, at the point where the curved part of the skull begins.

On the other hand, the low shade features a much lower haircut than the men’s high shade and also in comparison to the traditional one.

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High gradient styles

In addition to the high-skin tone types, there are other variations that are considered special shades. For example:

High top shade, which takes us back to the legendary eighties, consists of straight hair on the top of the head, not particularly spiky

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Then there is the so-called temple shade, which is similar to the low hair shade, but here, unlike the aforementioned, the hats disappear in a much more marked way.

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The last option is the classic cut with a scissor shade, it is done using scissors only and leaves the hair longer than the classic tall man shade.

What we at CF Moda Mag would like to recommend to those who decide to choose the men’s haircut with a high shade for the first time, is to opt for the cut with a traditional shade, since this type of cut leaves them quite long, allowing them to be able to change the look at a later time.

Alternatively, if you do not like the traditional shade, the most suitable solution is certainly the low one.

Well, now, dear friends, you have a smattering of the various types of men’s hair shades.

Hairdressing hair shades

Another thing that we strongly advise you to implement is to explain in detail to your hairdresser, before he starts cutting your hair, about the specific type of shade you prefer.

It is better to communicate immediately if you want a low, high or a special shade, and explain all the possible options in reference to that particular look, so that he knows exactly what the client wants, perhaps even listening to what the hairdresser can. say about one choice rather than another.

Surely, from the height of his experience, your hairdresser will be able to recommend the best men’s hair style to adopt.

High gradient men’s haircut

Let’s now deal specifically with the men’s haircut with a high shade, known as High Fade.

It is a type of haircut much requested by men, although it is particularly suitable for younger guys who have short hair, as it creates a particular and intense effect.

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How long does the shade last on the hair?

The high gradient men’s haircut lasts for a couple of months, and goes perfectly with all types of hair, whether it be curly, smooth and even afro style.

And it is also suitable for all those who prefer a shaded haircut.

Among the various options that we can have regarding the men’s high shade, the skin one is the first step to approach a short shaved skin cut.

Many people, in fact, do not want to risk a very short cut, but once tried and after having seen that this type of cut suits us in a particular way, it will remain the main choice for a long time, since we are talking about a very men’s hair look. modern and trendy, which does not require specific products to take care of the hair when it is cut short.

Mohawk haircut

Another style, a bit more cheeky and aggressive, is the Mohawk cut for men with a high shade.

You can decide to risk the more rock variant, where the scalp is more visible, or a normal high shade, with a greater length of the hair.

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Curly hair man gradient

Now we will see the variant for men’s shaded curly hair, which as seen above, is really a fanciful transformation.

The concept of cut and style relates the movement and lightheartedness of a head full of curls and curls, with the thick stillness of a high men’s hair shade.

sfumatura capelli ricci, sfumatura capelli ricci uomo, capelli ricci uomo

To obtain a perfect result, the upper crest area must not have too many curls, otherwise you risk having very voluminous hair with an exaggerated effect.

Classic high shade

What we present to you now is one of the trendiest and most popular men’s haircuts in the last period and features a high side shade with a contrasting upper part.

It could be confused with the double cut, but in reality it is the classic high shade.

classica sfumatura uomo, sfumatura uomo, taglio capelli uomo

If you want, you can combine it with a man’s pompadour tuft, which is also very popular lately.

Side parting of men’s hair
The last variant that we are going to analyze today is the side line with the high skin shade. A good compromise that combines practicality with a still stylish and fashionable look.

This type of men’s haircut is especially recommended for those with more or less marked receding hairline, since the side line attenuates and masks the parts most affected by this problem, unfortunately very annoying and that afflicts many men of all ages.

Well dear friends of CF MODA, now you are spoiled for choice among all the variants of men’s haircuts with a high shade that we have proposed today.

CF Moda Mag, The Editorial Staff


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