Matching Men’s Blue Trousers, Ideas For a Perfect Look

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Welcome back dear loyal readers, we are very satisfied and happy with the affection you show us every day. In today’s article we will talk about fashion, in fact we will see how to combine men’s blue trousers. We will try to give you several ideas for a perfect and trendy look.

Importance of men’s outfits

We all know that having a well-groomed physical appearance and an always perfect look are fundamental aspects in today’s society.

This is because the outfit with which we present ourselves to people is our business card. Therefore it must always be refined and fashionable, reflecting our being in every way.

Even at a work level, especially if we are in contact with other people, it can give us an edge.

Blue men’s trousers

Together with the most classic of colors, namely black, blue is without a doubt another of the fundamental shades of Italian and international fashion. Today this color is experiencing, so to speak, a sort of second youth.

Since it is back again among the most popular colors of the season. And from this perspective, blue trousers for men are an essential part.

Today we are going to see how to combine blue trousers for men (iconic item) and we are going to offer you some trendy outfits, to always be over the top.

Color matching men’s suits

The first thing to take into consideration, if you want to always have an impeccable look, is the color combination of your clothes.

This is fundamental, since knowing the basics of how to match colors can be useful to understand which colors go best with blue.

Another basic rule is the importance of combining shades that are similar to each other, also with regards to intensity.

Because it is essential to match colors that have the same intensity and brightness. To give an example, the brightest colors should be paired with other shades of the same type.

In the same way, just as pastel colors should be combined with the same soft shades and so on.

Finally, we want to advise you to avoid mixing more than three colors at a time, because the optical effect would end up being exaggerated and redundant.

Choice of colours

The first thing to do to have a perfect color match for men’s blue clothes is to choose the color combination that best suits our person and also the type of garments we decide to wear.

The occasion for which we are choosing a certain men’s look is also important.

As already mentioned previously, we can choose to stay on the same shade or vary by combining different or opposite colors to blue.

Fundamental rules for always having a perfect outfit are: basic colours, similar colours, monochromatic and complementary colours. Let’s analyze them in detail.

Basic colors

Let’s start with one of the most used and appreciated combinations of men’s blue trousers, as well as being the easiest, that is, combining with a basic colour.

The basic colors are, so to speak, white, black, beige and grey, in all their variations and shades. Those colors that usually go well with everything.

Going concrete, we can wear a men’s blue pair of jeans with a white or black T-shirt, for a casual outfit suitable for every day. Or opt for a men’s tailored suit, with a white shirt or t-shirt.

Another interesting idea could be to combine elegant men’s blue trousers with a black or gray jacket.

Depending on the circumstance, you can decide to combine a shirt or a crew-neck sweater for a more informal look.

In fact, to be on the safe side, just combine men’s blue trousers and a jacket with one of these basic colours, white, red, light blue, even pink if we want to be a little more daring.

Similar colours

With analogous colors we mean colors that in the Itten wheel are very close to the basic color, in this case blue.

So let’s talk about purple, light blue, fuchsia and obviously, based on the shade of blue, we will combine dark blue men’s trousers with the different shades of these similar colours. In this case, we can for example combine light blue men with a purple jacket or shirt.

If we want to dare, in winter we can also opt for a dark purple or wine-colored coat, a color that is becoming quite popular again.

For a more informal and casual look, you can opt for blue cotton or linen trousers, purely summer, with a nice shirt always in the same material, sky blue.

The important thing is that the shades are complementary.

Total blue look

You can also decide to opt for a monochromatic look. Therefore, the fundamental thing in this case is to match the closest color shades.

A classic could be a separate suit, perhaps a pair of blue jeans for men with a midnight blue jacket and a shirt always matching the jacket. Or an electric blue suit with a t-shirt in the same shade.

For the summer period, you can instead focus on comfortable, but at the same time elegant, dark blue Bermuda shorts with a polo shirt.

Complementary colors

With this category of colors you are spoiled for choice to indulge yourself. Complementary colors include shades such as yellow, red, orange and brown.

Ideas for matching men’s blue trousers

Let us now try to give you some tips for matching men’s blue trousers.

One of the colors that go best with blue is definitely white. Here you can wear a men’s suit with elegant blue trousers and a jacket of the same blue color and a white shirt for a perfect look.

For a casual look, you can opt for jeans or a clean five-pocket with a white shirt that could be right for you. Brown also pairs perfectly with blue.

An idea could be to combine men’s dark blue trousers with a jacket, perhaps in raw wool or a brown shirt.

For the summer period, there are a myriad of possible combinations, ranging between red, yellow and orange, with elegant blue men’s trousers more suitable for the evening, and jeans and Bermuda shorts perfect for the day.

Well dear readers of our blog, the last piece of advice we want to give you is to combine men’s blue trousers with the most suitable shoes, so you will be ready to show off your best look.


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