How to Match Black, Blue or White Jeans and Be Trendy

Welcome back to CF Moda Mag, today we will see how to combine black, blue or white jeans with other colors and other items of clothing.

Jeans represent today one of the few ever green garments capable of having survived over a century of history.

It does not matter if in the palace, bell-bottoms, slim fit, ripped or whole, jeans continue to be a trendy item but above all a fundamental part of our wardrobe.

How to match black men’s jeans

Starting at the top of our outfit, black jeans can be easily combined with a shirt in the same way, as well as a tee shirt.

Black is a color that goes a little with everything so there are no particular limitations for choosing the color with which to combine it.

However, the choice of shoes and belt becomes important, which generally should have the same color as the t-shirt or shirt.

How to match blue jeans

Another thing is to combine blue jeans, or the classic jeans that we wear every day, especially during the day.

In fact, this type of jeans should be combined with light colors, such as white, green, yellow, red.

Blue jeans are particularly aesthetically beautiful in the presence of a pair of white shoes, this is because their shape and color stand out.

How to combine white or light jeans

Contrary to what has been said for black jeans, white jeans must absolutely be combined with dark colors, this to create a decidedly more attractive color contrast.

White jeans are usually accompanied by black shoes to accentuate the aesthetics even more.

As for the jeans fashion trends this year, bell-bottoms are back for women, an ever green item of clothing since the days of the “Beverly Hills” series.

While as regards the trendy boys it is the slim fit one-piece trousers, therefore not ripped as it was very fashionable a few years ago.

Thanks for joining us, this article on how to combine black, blue and white jeans ends here. If you found it interesting, keep following us, see you soon and good continuation on CF Moda Mag.

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