How To Make Money With Vinted: Full Review

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Welcome back to my blog dear friends, today we will see how to make money with Vinted, but above all how it works through a complete review that I have written with the aim of providing you with a complete guide to making money with Vinted, an app that has really upset the market second hand clothing.

I make a premise, before knowing Vinted I have never sold a significant second-hand item of clothing online, perhaps because this type of culture did not yet exist in Italy, perhaps because the other existing apps for the sale of second-hand items hand they weren’t ready yet, but since Vinted entered Italy everything has changed.

What is Vinted

Let’s start immediately by answering the simplest question for those who, like many, do not yet know the Vinted app.

Vinted is an app for Android and Ios that allows you to sell clothing, accessories, games and consoles, second-hand household products, by uploading them to your profile visible to everyone, not only in Italy but throughout Europe.

Vinted is a Lithuanian company, born with the aim of bringing together supply and demand in the second-hand clothing sector, even if it is now expanding to other categories.

How Vinted works

Vinted is easy and intuitive to use, just download the application from the app store, register with your username and password and you can immediately upload your articles.

The biggest advantage of this application is the fact that it is totally free, so you can upload an infinite number of products without anyone ever looking for anything for you.

Clearly the app also provides promotional services to achieve a greater number of visits.

Once your products have been uploaded to your digital wardrobe, all you have to do is wait for potential buyers to visit it and buy what they like best.

The most interesting thing about the app is the possibility for the buyer to make you an offer on your product, and to chat with you to reach a compromise but also to get more information about the product itself, which makes selling on Vinted really enjoyable and similar to an actual purchase in person.

Is it safe to buy on Vinted?

My response in this regard can only be positive, having used the app to both buy and sell second-hand products online.

The buyer is protected from the beginning to the end of the sales process, in fact once the payment has been made, it is held by Vinted until the buyer has received the goods and declared that everything is in order, in fact at that point Vinted will release the payment to the seller.

If, on the other hand, there should be problems with the products purchased, you will receive a refund immediately, in any case the Vinted assistance center is fast and efficient.

How to make money with Vinted

Earning on Vinted is very simple, this is because it has over 45 million users throughout Europe.

The secret to selling more lies in taking care of the details, you will have to take photos in good light, show how the clothes are on, but above all by entering the right market price for the items we want to sell.

But pay attention to the number of sales you make, in fact, at a certain threshold you need to have a Vinted Pro account to continue selling on Vinted.

How to become a Pro seller on Vinted

Vinted is a fantastic application, because it allows you to really sell everything and very quickly, which is why many people decide to transform the sale of used clothing into a real business.

However, to become a pro seller on Vinted you need to have a sole proprietorship registered in France, this is because the pro account is only available in this country at the moment.

However, if the business becomes very substantial, it is likely to think of opening a VAT number in France and continuing to sell on Vinted in Italy, there are many online services that allow you to open a VAT number from abroad without spending even that much.

In any case, my advice is always to contact a consultant if you intend to go down this road.

As long as you just want to get rid of your now unused clothes from your closet you won’t need to do anything but upload them to the Vinted app to sell! 🙂

Vinted testimonials

I myself have used Vinted for several months generating sales for a few thousand euros, the app is really fantastic, it gives you the real possibility of getting rid of everything you don’t use.

I was advantaged, because being an influencer on Instagram I had a lot of stuff to get rid of, however I guarantee you that this app is really worth trying.

Thanks for being with me and reading this guide on how to make money with Vinted, if you found it interesting, share it via the social buttons you find below, see you soon and good continuation on my site!

Firera Corrado


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