How to Sell a Website and Discover Its Value

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If you are here it is very likely that you intend to sell your website on the internet, so you are in the right place, in fact today I will reveal how to sell a website online and generate the maximum profit possible.

Why sell a website

There are various reasons that push a user to sell their website, in fact after several years of work it could be frustrating to have a site whose earnings are still around 50 euros per month, a reason that pushes many bloggers to want to sell their website. own website to change sector.

On the other hand, there are those who have several websites and no longer have time to dedicate to some of them and prefer to focus only on some of their sites, thus wanting to sell the other sites to achieve something after the effort made over the years.

Finally, there are also those who intend to sell websites professionally, becoming true digital brokers who buy and sell websites perhaps after a few months of work.

Whatever the reason that drives you to sell your site, know that before doing so you must be able to give a value to your site in order to be able to put it up for sale at a certain price, but how do you understand how much a website is worth? let’s see it below.

How much can I charge for a website?

There are several aspects that contribute to giving value to your site, first of all it is certainly the domain name and its extension, then followed by the number of monthly visits, the ranking in search engines, the DA, the monthly profit that is obtained etc.

The name and extension of the website

Starting from the first factor it is now clear to everyone that the .COM extension is certainly the one that is most valuable because it is used in 90% of cases by anyone who wants to have a professional site in their sector, however the other extensions can also have a value very high in relation to the name they are connected to.

Suffice it to say that .COM is used by almost all the most well-known and famous brands in the world, this is because in the eyes of users, sites with this extension are recognized as more secure and official.

The domain name of a site, however, has a higher value when it is made up of a maximum of three short, concise and sensible words, whereas domain names made up of a single meaningful word have a much higher value.

This in broad terms with regard to the domain of the site, now we come instead to the actual website.

Ranking in search engines

Very often it is thought that the number of monthly visits is a determining factor in selling a website for tens of thousands of euros, but in reality a factor that greatly affects the value of the website is the positioning of its pages in the search engine.

In fact, having few monthly visits does not necessarily mean that we are dealing with a poor website, this is because the site could even have thousands of keywords already positioned in search engines even if not on the first page of Google.

99% of users click on the results positioned on the first page of Google, with the consequence that these pages have significantly better visitor numbers.

It is therefore clear that purchasing a site with keywords already positioned is still a very interesting investment, because it will be enough to work on the SEO of these pages to improve their performance and achieve results in a much shorter time than creating a site from scratch.

When we put a website up for sale it therefore becomes essential to know this parameter to make an estimate taking into account the other parameters below.

The number of monthly visits

This factor is clearly a key indicator for providing an estimate to the site even if, as we have seen, it is not necessarily essential.

The higher the number of monthly visits, the higher the price we can give to our site for sale, but to do this we need to understand what type of visits we are talking about.

For example, 10,000 monthly visits to a gossip site are not the same as 10,000 monthly visits to an online finance site.

In fact, in the first case the website will most likely be monetizing with Adsense and Amazon affiliations, earning 100 euros per month if all goes well, while in the second case the site could have affiliations with brokers, reaching a profit of even 1000 euros per month.

It is therefore clear that visits should not be calculated as an absolute number but contextualized to the topic of the site that you want to sell.

This is why it becomes essential to contact an expert to request an evaluation of your website, and possibly entrust the entire sales process to the latter to obtain the best possible price. To do this you can contact me by email on or via Whatsapp chat, I will carry out a free analysis of your site in less than 24 hours.

The DA or Domain Authority

Another determining factor for estimating the price of a website concerns the domain authority itself, but what is it?

The DA is nothing more than a number ranging from 1 to 100 where one hundred is the highest authority that, for example, sites like Facebook or Amazon own.

The higher this number, the higher the value we can attribute to the website for sale.

What makes a domain’s authority skyrocket is the amount of internal and external links pointing to the site’s domain name.

A high authority translates into greater ease for the copywriter to place articles on the first page of Google, thus being able to try to position themselves for very competitive keywords with a high volume of visits.

The monthly income of the site

Generally when you estimate the price of a website you tend to multiply the monthly profit of the website itself by 10 times, in my opinion this is an example of putting your website on sale at a discount, even risking selling it off without understanding the potential this could have.

A site that generates a constant monthly passive income is certainly worth more than a site that doesn’t yet make a single cent but even for the latter there is still the possibility of selling at a good price.

In broad terms it is clear that the more a website invoices the more one can earn from its sale, however it is also necessary to evaluate the future prospect of the website itself and whether there is a real possibility of economic growth for the buyer, always in relation to the site topic.

To increase your monthly income it is a good idea to reduce the fixed costs linked to hosting and the domain, which is why you might be interested in reading my article on how to transfer your website to another cheaper and more efficient hosting.

When to sell a website

If your intention is to create and sell websites in a short time, this is not the most suitable guide, because you would be quicker to create personalized and multifunctional themes to sell online.

A website can be sold after at least a year of work, it must have a fair number of articles and pages and have achieved some results among the points listed above.

There are exceptional cases of those who manage to sell a site after just 6 months, but it is clear that these are SEO experts who manage to position their site in record time.

Where to sell your websites

As the vast majority of bloggers recommend, the best place to sell a website is definitely Flippa and Empire Flippers.

However, in the first case, since it is a market place, it is good to be careful of those who want to deceive you and risk losing the site and not seeing even a penny.

As I was saying, the best thing is to rely on an expert in the sector who can not only place your site at the best possible price but also sell it without the risk of running into scams.

Thank you for reading this guide on how to sell a website, if you found it interesting, share it via the social buttons below, happy continuation!

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