Long Shaded Beard, Guide And Trends Of The Moment

Welcome back, dear loyal readers of CF Moda Mag, in today’s article we will address a topic that is very close to the heart of all men who aim to have a well-groomed and attractive appearance, with a long shaded beard. Among the many proposals that are the coolest and trendiest at the moment, certainly this type of male beard is predominant. In our practical guide we will talk in depth about this style of look, how to get a shaded beard and, what is the shade that best matches the various styles, among other things we will list the most popular proposals in this period. Let’s begin!

Long gradient man beard

In the last period there has been a notable evolution in the galaxy of male beards compared to the past.

There are now many more beard variations available, from the most classic to the most imaginative, for example:

Hipster look

barba hipster, barba hipster larga, barba hipster lunga, barba uomo sfumata

The hipster beard is characterized by being very thick, passing from medium-length beards to shorter and more manicured ones.

But especially in recent months, the long shaded beard for men has become increasingly popular, a very fresh and youthful style, but which adapts well to everyone, regardless of age, whether it is a beard of a couple of weeks. or a medium length beard.

We will also see how to do the beard shade, how to thin the beard and everything you need to know for how to define the beard on the cheeks.

As mentioned, the shaded effect for the long beard shaded short hair is certainly one of the most versatile looks that can be adopted in this period, strongly dictated by the new men’s beard trends of the moment.

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Which beard for my face?

We would like to clarify that the long shaded beard for men adapts to any length of the hair as well as to all types of face and any complexion, from the lightest to the most full-bodied, thinning even the most rounded and full ones.

If you are wondering if how to adjust your beard yourself is difficult to do it at home, well know that it is not, just have a high precision razor, combined with two combs with different teeth, good dexterity, patience and that’s it. !

Moreover, given that the shaded beard on the sides looks very good, as we said, on all types of face:

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Long

Given that by thinning the side, it is possible to give more consistency to the various areas of the face, giving greater uniformity to the face.

barba sfumata ai lati, barba uomo lunga sfumata, tipo di sfumatura

We strongly recommend that you avoid shaving a shaded beard on the sides if you have a particularly square face with strong features, since the final result would exaggerate the chin and jaw. But at the same time it is also not recommended for those with a very thin face, precisely because this feature would be even more accentuated and would have a far from positive result, better to change your look in this specific case.

The long shaded beard is a perfect style even for younger people who have a sparse type of beard, especially on the sides, since this type of shade is useful to cover this lack, as long as you treat it periodically and meticulously.

barba uomo lunga sfumata, barba rada, tipo di sfumatura, tendenze barba uomo

How is the beard blending done?
Now let’s see together the different steps to follow, step by step, to get an excellent do-it-yourself long shaded beard.

Perhaps you already guessed it, but the first thing to do to have this effect, that is the long beard shaded on the sides, is to make it grow in order to then have a minimum length on which to work with mastery.

So, yes, the first step is to grow a beard.

We recommend waiting about a month without cutting it, to have an optimal effect and result.

Take care of the beard
Another aspect to keep in mind is to grow a long shaded, lush, healthy beard for men, to treat it and moisturize the whole face from the start, using products suitable for your type of beard, such as:

Oil and conditioner
Which will allow you to have a long shaded, soft, fragrant and attractive beard, also because as previously reported, it is a modern beard cut that can be combined with all types of beard, but obviously, the most natural effect, the shaded par excellence, it will be more visible on faces with a longer beard.

The second thing to do, equally important, when you have grown a beard, is to comb carefully and cut, if any, the excess hair, doing what has been said often and willingly.

barba curata, avere la barba lunga, taglio barba moderno, barba più lunga, sfumatura barba

With this procedure, after about a month, you will certainly have achieved a good result.

For this simple but effective ritual, just use a comb alongside a pair of scissors. In this case, the beard must be combed carefully downwards, repeating the gesture several times, then you can proceed to cut all the unwanted hair.

How to have a perfect beard?
Once this is done, we focus on what to do to achieve the perfect DIY gradient beard.

First of all, you need to get a beard trimmer, in case you don’t have it at hand, a hair clipper is fine too, as long as they are equipped with adjustable heads and length-adjusting combs, so you can act indiscriminately on all types of beard. .

How to thin out a long shaded beard?

Let’s see now how to have a long shaded beard.

  • First, set the trimmer to the highest comb size, so as to make a first cut to thin the beard, because it needs time and attention in the cut.
  • Starting from the highest part of the base, go down to the lowest point, first on one side then on the other of the face, in a uniform and symmetrical way
  • After the pass with the highest comb size, lower the length of the regulator comb by one notch
  • Then start from under the base, then further lower the length of the razor comb and start, with each further pass, from a point slightly lower than the previous one.
  • Once the long shaded low beard has been completed, we recommend giving a last pass with the highest regulating comb to eliminate the excess residual hair, then going to clean the chinstrap, neck and cheekbones, possibly with a hand razor, certainly more effective and precise than an electric razor, so as to always be neat and presentable
barba lunga sfumata bassa, sfoltire la barba, avere una barba lunga, barba lunga sfumata

Well dear readers of CF Moda Mag, thanks to our exhaustive guide, you too can have a beautiful long shaded beard.

CF Moda Mag, The Editorial Staff


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