Domain Flipping: What It Is And How To Earn Selling Domains

Domain Flipping, what is it and how to earn it? This is one of the questions we are often asked when it comes to online investments, and today we at Money Beng have compiled a guide that will help you make money by buying and selling domains.

Domain Flipping: What is it?

Domain flipping is the activity that consists in buying and selling domains on the internet in order to make a profit.

In other words, domain flipping consists of buying a domain on the internet at a very low price to resell it at a much higher price.

Domain flipping has been around since they invented the internet but nowadays the competition is certainly wider and more experienced.

How much can you earn by buying and selling domains?

With domain flipping you can earn large sums or nothing, it all depends on your ability to understand which internet domains can sell the most.

On the internet there are success stories of people who have bought a domain for a few dollars and then sold it for over six figures, even becoming millionaires, but these cases are very few and sporadic all over the world, one should also be very lucky.

Keeping your feet on the ground buying and selling domains for experts can bring you from 30,000 to 100,000 dollars a month although it is not as easy as just mentioned.

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How to know how much a domain is worth

There are several aspects that contribute to attributing a market value to the domain, these are:

  • The age of the domain, in fact if a domain has been registered for several years it could have a higher DA (domain authority) than a newly registered one, this means easier positioning on search engines.
  • The length of the domain. Typically one or two word domains are the ones that are worth the most, the maximum length for the domain shouldn’t exceed 16 characters or it may have no market value.
  • The domain extension. This is a fundamental parameter to consider in domain flipping, in fact the extension that has the highest value is .COM, for a very simple reason, it is the most widespread in the world, the best known and used by big companies.
  • The semantic sphere. Also this point can determine the price of the domain you want to sell, in fact some words can be worth more than others, for example words related to finance and business are potentially the ones that can be worth more

These are just some of the parameters to take into consideration, but you must also pay attention to other factors, for example the amount of spam backlinks from third-party sites pointing to the domain, and above all you must check that any domain you buy to resell is not been banned by Google crawlers.

How to do domain flipping

If you’re wondering how to get started with domain flipping, the first thing to do is make sure you have a budget to invest and a great desire to get involved.

Domain flipping has risks like any form of investment, so it’s not for the faint of heart, let alone anyone who doesn’t have time to wait for a consistent profit.

Domain flipping begins with the domain search phase according to the aforementioned parameters, once in possession of a substantial portfolio they are put up for sale on the most popular marketplaces which we will tell you about shortly.

Where to sell domains

As mentioned, there are marketplaces that make it possible for domain supply and demand to meet. By registering with these portals, you will not only have the opportunity to find potentially useful domains for your business but also to sell them.

The most important global marketplaces for buying and selling domains are: GoDaddy, Afternic, Flippa, Sedo.

We remind you that some of these sites allow you to do domain parking, or to earn money with your domain portfolio.

Through domain parking, in fact, landing pages will be inserted within your domain that will allow you to earn through clicks on ads.

Why would anyone buy a domain

Nowadays companies and professionals from all over the world cannot help but turn to the online market, this is because internet users continue to increase dramatically and physical commerce begins to suffer a real decline.

Therefore everyone has an interest in having a website to offer their services and products to new users, and to do so you need domains that are easy to remember, authoritative, and professional, and today very often these domains are found only in marketplaces and you have to pay the amounts required by domain flipping in order to continue an effective marketing project.

Thanks for being with us, this article on domain flipping ends here, if you found it interesting, share it with your friends via the social buttons you find below, see you soon and good continuation on our site!

Money Beng, The Editorial Team


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