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Dear readers of CF Moda mag, in today’s article we will show you all the news and new trends of the moment regarding the medium scaled hair cut. This type of hairstyles in recent times has collected the sympathies of many, becoming a must for those who want to feel fashionable.

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We will go to see fresh and fashion haircuts that combine elegance and practicality. In addition, we will show you the various types of medium scaled hair cuts, so appreciated.

Medium hair cut for women

As we said at the beginning, the hair trends for this season speak to us of soft scales and inspiration from the past, with a nod above all to the never forgotten seventies, forge of a myriad of ideas that are still peacefully dusted off today.

A question arises, how to choose the haircut based on the face?

Well, in this case it is not difficult, especially with regard to the medium layered haircut which is confirmed as the most wearable and versatile of the last seasons, with their extremely trendy easy-chic attitude.

The fact is that in many, from street looks to social trends, to the catwalks of fashion shows, sinuous and modern shapes are re-proposed on all types of hair, obtaining a fresh, jaunty and current effect, enhancing its naturalness to the maximum.

Haircut styles

The proposed haircut styles vary depending on how daring you want, reinterpreting the styles of the past and the various proposals in a contemporary way.

The hair looks that are popular in this period provide ideas suitable for all hair:

From afro curls to gray hair.
From flowing blonde locks to more structured hairstyles.
Especially now that the openness to various physical types, ethnicities and ages embrace various hair styles; in addition to daring, there is room for experimentation.

Finally, it should be noted a return in great pomp of the fringe, declined in various ways, in particular, the latest hair cutting trends want it wide and slightly rounded.

Instead, more straight and regular if you want to focus on a geometric and defined hairstyle, or, alternatively, to create interesting contrasts with medium hair cuts scaled with highlights.

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In short, there is something for all tastes, just look for the women’s medium scaled haircut that best suits our character, our face and that goes best with our favorite outfits.

Also because the medium wavy layered hair cut is to be worn nonchalantly, as if it were a light chiffon dress, a sophisticated and ethereal cocktail dress, as if the styling is done casually, even if it is not so; actually because, contrary to what it appears, our head will always be well defined and perfect.

Disciplined and symmetrical shapes, voluminous or with a minimal style. The disheveled and scaled hug each other to give volume, however leaving room for the more romantic and dreamy side, with full lobs and side stripes.

Medium hair cut scaled short

Let’s now see some types of medium hair cut hairstyles.

Let’s start with the climb, ideal for giving volume.

To do this type of layered haircut you need to alternate locks of different lengths to give movement, some must be cut shorter than the others to give the impression of natural volume, without dividing lines.

The final result, if you rely on expert hands, is guaranteed!

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This layered cut technique is perfect for all types of hair length, although it is good to keep in mind that if the short layered hair cut is more pronounced then the hair gains more volume.

But for very fine hair the opposite effect is obtained.

Parade hair cut

If, on the other hand, we want to thin out our flowing hair, then we must opt for a parade haircut.

Removing the hair is, in essence, the work of thinning the hair in specific areas, with serrated scissors or a razor, so as to be able to make the hairstyle lighter and give it, in some cases, even a little volume.

This hair pulling technique, used on flat hair, applied to the roots, can increase its volume by creating a mass effect.

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You can use the same treatment on the tips or on the medium hair cut with bangs.

We would like to warn those who want to adopt this type of hair cutting technique, as it is particularly invasive, which is why it is not suitable for damaged, fine or very thin hair.

The risk, in these cases, would be to worsen the situation.

Wavy Bob Cut

An excellent alternative if you want to recreate a perfect disheveled effect is the wavy bob cut.

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It is certainly the most appropriate choice, precisely because it is characterized by unraveled and scaled hair in a strong way, combined with a medium hair cut with French side bangs, which smooths the most marked lines of the face.

Choppy Bob cut
Another very popular variant is the choppy bob cut, which is bolder, and compared to the wavy bob cut, it is made up of light layers and parade locks, perfect for giving much more volume to the haircut.

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These medium scaled hair cuts that are straight, wavy or curly, with wavy or curly bangs, parade, or the curtain variant, so fashionable lately, everything is welcome, as long as the chosen haircut is harmonized with the their type of face.

Medium hair cut with bangs

There is little to do, full bangs are the novelty of the season because it gives a more classy touch to all those women who will make this choice.

If we talk about wavy hair, the best haircut style is a light fringe, casual and classy at the same time.

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Another interesting option is that of the side tuft, ideal when combined with the long bob cut or a light, easier to manage helmet.

Medium hair cut scaled in front

For those who want a medium hair cut scaled in front, further easy, without failing a good dose of style, can go for a short scaled cut.

Medium haircuts more or less scaled and decisive are perfect for women of all types of age, these cuts being cheeky, fresh and chic.

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You can decide to scale only the tips to create a more youthful but always precise, clean and tidy effect.

Mullet haircuts
The latest trend we want to share with you is the controversial and sometimes reviled mullet haircuts, a legacy of the eighties, it was mainly a medium scaled haircut for men.

It is a particular and impactful cut.

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The look in question has been revived in recent periods by many artists and singers, enjoying great success from the critics.

Well, dear friends of CF Moda, now you have everything you need to be able to choose your best medium layered haircut.

CF Moda Mag, The Editorial Staff



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