Invest In Stocks, How To Do It, On Which Ones To Invest

Welcome back dear loyal readers of Invest in The Stock, we are always very pleased to have you here with us again. In today’s article we are going to talk about how to invest in stocks.

We will try to understand how to do it and the advice to start investing in shares, we will analyze all the characteristics of the financial market and its various facets. An ever-expanding sector that sees a constant increase in the number of people who turn to brokers to invest in shares.

How does investing in stocks work?

Let’s start now to see how to start investing in stocks.

There are several options for investing in short-term stocks:

  • The first is to contact your bank
  • You may also decide to go to a stock brokerage firm or
  • Rely on an online broker, regulated stock brokers and experts in this financial sector

This last option is certainly more convenient for investing in short-term stocks, given that the commissions are much lower than the other alternatives.

Broker invest in stocks

The most important thing is to turn to reliable and safe brokers who have good references.

For this reason it is good to do online research on the professionals you want to entrust with the purchase of regulated shares.

How to start investing in stocks?

There are several alternatives and options for investing in shares on the Italian stock exchange.

The first is to invest in individual stocks. To pursue this type of investment you must:

  • Pay close attention to the performance of the various markets
  • Practice
  • Study the industry well

All this in order to become an intelligent and patient investor.

On the other hand, know that in order to have an optimal return for your shares to invest in on the stock market, you must constantly monitor the quarterly earnings reports, in addition to the fluctuations of the various financial markets.

If this scares you or you are simply not willing to invest too much time, we advise you to adopt a more passive approach. For example, you can opt to invest in index funds or ETFs.


ETF funds, in addition to acquiring individual securities, replicate various stock indices, such as the S&P 500 index, and remain the best option if you don’t have much time to dedicate or desire at your disposal.

As for ETFs, they generally have much lower expenses, and are virtually guaranteed, so that they can give satisfactory results, especially in the long term, based on the underlying indices.

Over time they can produce total returns, over a 12 month period of around 10%.

So you see that these ETFs are strong performers that can build a substantial income over time.


Finally, let’s see another very popular option that has gained ground in recent times, namely the robo-advisor.

But then, how do you go about investing in stocks through a robo-advisor? What is it about? We tell you right now!

Basically, it is a sort of intermediary who takes care of investing your money on behalf of the investor, through a portfolio of indexed funds, made ad hoc taking into account the characteristics of the customer, for example:

Analyze age and risk tolerance, as well as goals on how to invest in stocks for beginners
These robo-advisors take care of choosing the best investments, the best shares to bet on, as well as optimizing tax efficiency, automatically.

Keep in mind that many industry analysts argue that these robo-advisors do not embody the best choice for how to invest your money in stocks.

Stocks and brokers to invest in the stock market

First, let’s begin to see which are the best trading platforms through which to invest in long-term shares.

The first we are going to analyze is eToro.


This is perhaps the best known platform, preferred by many investors.

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Among the key features of the eToro platform stand out:

  • Being able to make investments in a simple and above all safe way
  • It is the only investment platform that allows you to replicate the operations of other users registered on the same platform
  • Through the Copytrading proprietary software it is possible to identify investors who have obtained considerable gains, therefore maximum profit with minimum risk.

XTB extension

Another reality, worldwide, is undoubtedly XTB, known for its extreme simplicity, even for beginners, since he has just signed up and is followed by telephone by industry experts who provide useful information and advice.

Another very interesting thing is a free course for its customers:

Especially since we are talking about an easy course to read, even for beginners, as it is very practice oriented
In addition, the XTB course explains in detail how to invest in stocks and financial securities without taking unnecessary risks.


The last platform we will discuss is Capex, considered one of the best for how to invest in safe stocks, especially for those who have just started.

Simplicity of use and the possibility for new members to be constantly followed by professionals in the sector, as well as having a Capex Academy that truly explains everything concerning investing in shares.

The best stocks to invest in

Finally, let’s see some of the best stocks on the market to invest in.


One of the best known and most quoted companies in the world is certainly Amazon, for this reason its shares are a security.

It must be said that even if Amazon shares are not destined to rise continuously, they remain a guarantee for those who want to invest, especially for beginners.

TESLA shares

Elon Musk’s company that produces successful electric cars is certainly another good choice if you are looking for the best stocks to invest in.

Industry analysts have observed that TESLA has had a very high capitalization, for this reason we can safely recommend betting on this company.


Another giant in the field of technology is undoubtedly Apple.

The company created by Steve Jobs guarantees a good income, here is the advantage of investing in Apple shares.

On the other hand, they are constantly studied by many experts who keep them under observation, analyzing every aspect through thousands of blogs and sites around the world.

For this reason, Apple shares also prove to be a good choice.

Well dear friends of Invest In The Stock, thanks to our guide you know how to invest in stocks and which ones to make safe investments.

Invest In The Stock, The Editorial Staff



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