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Welcome back to Money Beng, if you are here it is likely that you have in mind to open an ecommerce or perhaps to associate one with your physical activity and you are looking for a ready-to-use ecommerce site, thanks to this brief guide we will direct you towards the right path.

Why open an ecommerce

But first let’s try to understand what are the advantages of opening an ecommerce.

First of all, the rise of the internet on the market is evident to everyone, also thanks to the ecommerce giant Amazon, which has given a whole new meaning to the world of online sales with its dizzying numbers.

It is no longer a taboo that the internet is even surpassing the sale of certain products in physical stores, and every year there will be more and more numbers that revolve around ecommerce.

So if on the one hand there is the advantage of selling on a privileged channel, on the other we have a lower management cost linked to the expenses of owning a physical store on which, among other things, very often subject to taxes.

Ecommerce is today the only viable path towards the future, opening an ecommerce today ensures a first class ticket towards the future of sales which will all take place online.

Open a ready-to-use ecommerce site

Clearly, with the increase in the demand for ecommerce by retail companies, the opportunities offered by technology companies to provide increasingly cutting-edge and simplified solutions also increase for less experienced users.

Nowadays having an ecommerce is no longer as difficult as it used to be, when to own one you had to develop it with web codes that are difficult to study or pay someone very expensive sums to be able to develop it from scratch.

In fact, today it is possible not only to create your own e-commerce personally but also to buy it ready-made at truly ridiculous prices if you think that a few decades ago it would have cost tens of thousands of euros.

At this point there can only be two roads, if you know WordPress slightly you could even be able to create an ecommerce yourself as it is not so difficult.

In this case you would only spend an amount of around 70 euros for hosting + domain.

In this case we recommend Siteground, after several experiments we were able to verify that there is no better hosting at this price, moreover the assistance service in case of problems is open 24 hours a day by chat, something never seen before, in fact has been awarded as the best customer service in the world!

If, on the other hand, you have decided to buy a ready-to-use site, then continue reading below!

Where to buy a ready-made ecommerce site

As mentioned earlier, the offer is very varied on the internet and there are many companies that promise super performing and professional ecommerce sites, to avoid scams we have selected for you two serious companies through which it is possible to obtain an ecommerce site ready for the use through which you will not have to do practically anything except upload the products.


First of all Bigcommerce, a company that has currently helped thousands of companies in Italy to have their own ecommerce, it is a company of which it is possible to find a lot of information on the net, there are many websites that recommend it and you should stay sure enough.

Your website by Bigcommerce experts will be created quickly and quickly at a price never seen on the market, it is a premium service that can afford lower prices thanks to the fact that it has many customers.


The second company we want to tell you about is Shopify, perhaps you’ve already heard of it, it’s a highly publicized company on the net, perhaps all the bloggers who deal with these topics recommend it, the credit is only its and its developers who have been able to create a ready-to-use software that allows all users, even the less experienced ones, to have a top-level ecommerce in their hands.

With Shopify you can have templates already configured, you just have to worry about uploading the products and setting up your payment methods and that’s it.

However for geeks there is the possibility of a high level of customization through which you can give your site the look you want without knowing any code, Shopify is a CMS, which means that the application will do the dirty work for you and adjust the codes, you just have to make a few clicks to set up your personalized configurations.

In exchange for this high standard of service Shopify requires a monthly subscription which depends on the plan you choose, the rates start from just 21 euros per month for the basic plan up to 299 euros for the advanced plan, but with such a powerful ecommerce we don’t have doubt that you will be able to tick off such a negligible amount to continue to take advantage of the advantages that the application places at your disposal.

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Buy a ready-made ecommerce on Empire Flippers

There is also another option to have a ready-to-use ecommerce, but in this case we are not just talking about ecommerce itself, we are referring to the entire business in a broader sense.

There are websites like Empire Flippers that put established businesses online, which are sold for a variety of reasons.

On these broker websites it is possible to find very advantageous ecommerce offers, it is possible to consult the reports of these businesses and learn about profits and losses, thus being able to make your own proposal and speak directly with the seller.

It is a method widely used in America but still little known in Italy, after all it is like acquiring a physical place that has already started but doing it online.

Thanks for being with us, this article on how to have a ready-to-use ecommerce site ends here, if you have found it interesting, share it with your friends via the social buttons found below, for any doubts or questions do not hesitate to comment, see you soon and good continuation on our site, Money Beng.

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