How To Quit A Job And Live Happily

Welcome back to Money Beng, a while ago I too asked myself this question when I worked for an ungrateful employer, and today I know the answer to your question on how to leave a job and live happily.

Why quit your job?

First of all I would like to start from this question. In fact, there are reasons why leaving a job becomes really necessary, especially when we find ourselves in one or more of these situations.

For example, your boss makes you an internship contract to avoid paying contributions and taxes, or because there is no professional growth in the working context, or again you find yourself really bad with your colleagues, teamwork is not for you, or your boss is simply not appreciative of your efforts at all.

Personally, these are all situations that would make me think so much as to leave my job!

But if you don’t have really valid reasons to quit your job, if deep down you like what you do and there are prospects for professional growth at work, maybe you simply need a break and not quit your job!

Having said that, if you are still interested in how to leave your job, continue reading!

How to quit a job

From a bureaucratic point of view, leaving a job with an internship contract is really very easy.

I too had an internship contract at the time, this is because the employer wanted to save on contributions and taxes to pay but I was in financial difficulty and I was forced to accept that shred of contract anyway, if you can define it that way.

If on the one hand the internship contract has many cons, on the other it also has an advantage, this consists in the possibility of being able to interrupt the employment relationship at any time.

I myself experienced the advantage of this contract, in fact one day I got up and said, “Today I really don’t want to work for ungrateful people who pay after two months”, so in the same morning, overnight I presented my resignation to the amazement of all the colleagues (who still work there accepting meager payments and two months late).

Therefore, with the internship contract you can leave your job whenever you want, furthermore according to Italian law you have the right to the payment of what is owed to you until the last day you worked, and in case of non-payment you can report the employer who will have to pay a hefty fine.

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Leave the job with a fixed-term contract

In this case, leaving work before the conclusion of the contract presents a considerable disadvantage, in fact if you leave work before the time you will not be entitled to payment of salary, the case is different in which the employer kicks you out and in this case will have to pay you everything.

In fact, the fixed-term employment contract does not provide for early termination of the employment relationship, which therefore can only take place with the consent of both parties or for just cause.

This means, for example, that if the employer obliges you to work on weekdays without your consent, or makes you work overtime without the appropriate increase in salary, you can contact a union and leave work early for just cause, furthermore with this formula the employer will be obliged to give you everything that is due to you and to pay a very heavy fine.

Things to consider before leaving your job

Leaving your job certainly has consequences, which is why in this part of the article I want to make you think about the things to consider before making this choice.

Work allows us to pay the essential expenses of our daily life, from rent to food to medicines, which is why when you want to leave a job you must first plan carefully how to take charge of all these expenses for a while.

My advice is to put aside a sum that will allow you to live normally at least 6 months before leaving your job, or develop your second business while working and put up with all the situations that annoy you at work for a while longer.

In this case you will work twice as much, but it will only be for a limited period of your life, I have done it and I was lucky enough to only have to do it for a few months, so you can do it too.

What matters is having enough determination and perseverance and in the end any goal will be achievable!

Quit your job and live happily

My advice is to leave your job as an employee to do what you really like.

Our modern society allows us to achieve goals much more easily than many years ago, thanks to the information made accessible by the internet.

What I want to tell you is that today we just need to have the courage to leave a job we don’t like in order to live happily doing something we love instead.

Maybe if you don’t have any savings and can’t leave your job immediately you can stay for a while until you develop your own business in your spare time, the options are endless and nobody really forces you to work your whole life for some employer ungrateful and in many cases dishonest.

At the time I made the decision to leave my job, and it was from that exact moment that I began to live, not because I don’t have working hours and someone who commands me, but simply because I work doing what I like, and every goal achieved is a personal satisfaction that can never give you the employee job where the money is simply your boss.

Therefore, answering your question on how to leave a job, the answer is very simple, do it, but do it in the right way and when you can!

If you have a dependent family it is clear that my advice is to work very well on a plan B before leaving a job, but if you are an independent person it is finally time to leave your comfort zone.

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Thanks for reading this article on how to leave a job to be happy, if you found it interesting, share it with your friends via the social buttons you find below, see you soon and good continuation on my site.

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