Luxury Watch Brands, Models You Can’t Miss, What They Are

Welcome back dear loyal readers of CF MODA and thank you for the trust you place in us every day. We are always very happy with the affection you give us. In today’s article we are going to cover the best luxury watch brands. We will analyze all the characteristics and peculiarities of the models not to be missed and what they are.

In this historical period, the haute horlogerie market is radically changing the way its products are sold.

We speak of issues as well as financial, but of image; given that the sector of the most exclusive watches represents a very profitable and lively market niche.

Therefore, it deserves and requires a lot of attention, considering the new market trends of luxury watch brands.

The first we need to consider is the relationship with buyers, using the business-to-consumer method.

Strategies for selling luxury watches

Until a few years ago, the most popular sales methodology was the offline one; then in person in physical stores, with retailers of the most important watch brands.

In recent years, however, customers have felt the desire to interact directly with watch brands.

As a result of this request, they developed ever more direct methods of selling watches, in order to be able to have an increasingly close and trusting relationship with the buyers.

In this case, social media and ecommerce are the masters.

Used luxury watches

Another trend that is increasingly gaining ground among consumers is that of used luxury watches, the so-called second-hand products.

In the past this type of trading was the prerogative of private dealers and traders.

Instead, it is now one of the segments of the fine watchmaking industry that is experiencing one of the fastest growths ever.

Mid-range and luxury watches

Undoubtedly mid-range watches are experiencing a significant drop in sales.

This happens due to several factors, the first being that of increasingly ruthless competition from digital watches, i.e. smartwatches, one of the best-selling product categories in recent times.

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The luxury watch brands produced by fashion brands are holding up.

But the traditional mid-range watch sector is in sharp decline, because customers are increasingly looking for more expensive luxury watches and low-priced smartwatches, favored by the online sale of watches that have cleared customs series of inexpensive products.

Women’s luxury watches

One of the options that the sector of the most prestigious watch brands could focus on next season is a segment that has remained on the sidelines for quite some time, by almost all luxury watch brands, namely, that of women’s luxury watch models .

Another strategy could be to produce brands of luxury watches considered unisex, but with characteristics that a female clientele may find particularly interesting.

Chinese customers

Another opportunity that, if exploited properly, would guarantee excellent revenues are Chinese customers.

This category has great purchasing power, and most of their purchases are expected in China.

So the brands are gearing up, intensifying e-commerce and opening single-brand stores in China.

Why invest in luxury watches?

Let’s understand why luxury women’s and men’s watches are an excellent investment.

Basically, because we are talking about products and accessories that are much loved and used by everyone, especially by watch collectors and enthusiasts of the sector.

They are considered a very convenient source of investment.

Above all because luxury watch brands use first-rate raw materials to create these fine accessories.

Therefore, this is one of the main reasons to invest in luxury watches, because these are objects that maintain their price and increase it over time.

Fine watchmaking invest

According to the opinion of the leading market experts, buying at least one luxury watch in life is worthwhile.

This type of investment is perfect for the long term.

The important thing is that you know the reference product sector well, given that these luxury brand watches can be compared to real works of art:

  • Because they acquire value over time
  • Due to the type of materials used and their processing, as well as the luxury watch brands that produce them.

However, keep in mind that not all watch models are suitable for investing, but only the most exclusive vintage luxury watches.

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Ranking of luxury watch brands

Now let’s move on to see which are the most prestigious watch brands in the world.

As you well know, there are many luxury watch brands that produce iconic models and precious pieces, sought after by both connoisseurs and the most expert collectors.

Now let’s see what these luxury watch brands and the most representative and sought-after watches are.

Patek Philippe
This historic luxury watch brand, born in Geneva in Switzerland, is known for its iconic classic and refined style, as well as the use of quality materials and particular colors.

The Patek Philippe Reference 1527 Perpetual Calendar is very famous, which with a cost of 5.5 million euros is the most expensive watch in the world.

Composed of an 18-karat yellow gold case and a matte silver dial.

Vacheron Constantin
Company born in 1755, also in Switzerland, stands out for refined models and not exactly cheap prices, especially the more vintage and complicated ones loved by all watch collectors, such as:

Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’Ile, which is worth 1.5 million euros
Model designed to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the company, in 2005.

Frank Muller
Another famous manufacturer of elegant and refined luxury watches, with its Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4, with an astronomical price of 1.8 million euros, has created a model with visible mechanisms and authentic sapphires.

Also boasting more than 1400 elements that form its internal skeleton.

Prestigious brand that makes care in the creation of its products its strong point.

The fabulous Hublot Big Bang, which is worth 5 million euros, is covered in diamonds for more than 100 carats.

A prestigious model from the famous Swiss brand Hublot, it is a piece for true connoisseurs.

We end up with the best known and most sought-after luxury watch brand in the world, the very emblem of exclusivity, reliability and elegance.

This 1942 Rolex Antimagnetique Ref 4113, worth 2.4 million euros, is the quintessential vintage model and is a limited edition, as there are only 12 examples.

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Well dear friends of CF moda, now you know which are the best luxury watch brands to focus on if you are a lover of these precious pieces from true collectors and connoisseurs.

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