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Welcome back to Money Beng, today we will enlighten you on how to earn extra online from home to round up your salary at the end of the month, these are real and serious methods if done in the right way.

Create a blog

First of all, to earn online can only be the opening of a blog with WordPress, in fact even today, despite the fact that there are millions of blogs in the world, it is one of the best ways to earn extra money at the end of the month.

In reality, creating a blog could allow you to access a much higher income than you can ever imagine, but it takes a lot of dedication and determination.

About 90% of bloggers earn between 15 and 100 euros a month, the other 10% percent even earn millions of euros by writing on a site every day.

About 70% of those who start blogging give up after just one month, but the results don’t come that fast and you have to really believe it!

Earn extra online | Selling on Vinted

Nowadays even selling on Vinted has become a serious and effective way to earn extra online, the application is really intuitive and people really buy and sell!

We ourselves have verified using the application for a couple of months, with a net gain of around 600 euros.

You could even think about making a business out of it if you had a place to buy clothes and accessories and then resell them on Vinted.

However, let’s start by saying that professional selling on Vinted is only permitted if you have a French VAT number, so you should be careful not to publish new products with different sizes and with high-quality images.

We have published clothes and shoes with amateur mobile phone photography and have received a remarkable response with over 30 reviews.

Definitely a method of earning to be explored!

Earn money online with Amazon

If you have some money to invest it is worth selling on Amazon to earn some extra money.

The business model we have designed for you involves the purchase and import of goods from China through the Alibaba.com website, and subsequently the resale on Amazon.

The operation of Alibaba is very simple, it also allows you to verify suppliers, those with a diamond and stars are certainly the most reliable suppliers you should contact to avoid scams.

You will have to contact the supplier in English and agree on the quantity of the products and the price by adding your brand on the products.

Once the goods have cleared customs and finally arrived at home, you can start taking some pictures and upload everything to Amazon.

To date, Amazon has millions of customers, thanks to which it will not be difficult to quickly sell your products and earn online from home.

Become an influencer

Being an influencer is not as difficult as everyone can imagine, you just need to stand out from the competition and see social media as an entrepreneurial activity by changing your way of thinking.

For many people it is almost absurd that you can earn from these social networks but times have changed.

Today advertising is no longer conveyed by television but also by the social networks that almost the whole world now uses.

When a large enough number of followers is reached, even just 20,000, it will already be possible to contact brands and ask if they are interested in collaborating in exchange for a fee per post.

The business model is very simple, you just need to get followers to start earning money online seriously.

Earn extra money online by selling digital products

To earn money online it is clear that you have to sell something to people to make a profit, and this can be a service or a product.

The product in turn doesn’t necessarily have to be physical like a book or a pair of shoes, but it can also be digital.

In fact, what we propose is the sale of digital products, for example you could write an e-book with Word, advertise it online and put it on sale.

If, on the other hand, you are a computer expert, you could even create themes, templates, plugins and much more to put on sale online to generate an extra online.

If you are an expert in some particular subject you could even sell 20 page e-book guides that people could potentially be interested in buying to solve some problem.

But it doesn’t end there the possibilities are endless, you just need to have determination and not think that all these are nonsense to stay in your comfort zone.

Selling online courses

If you are particularly good at something, let’s take an example, you know Russian, you can sell online Russian courses and receive a fee for enrolling in your video lessons.

People nowadays are much more inclined to video lessons, and e-learning, society is evolving and everyone is in a hurry, so this represents a very fast method to learn without all the procedures for enrolling in a real course .

Make money with surveys

Another way to earn extra money online is through surveys.

There are many companies in Italy that pay people from all over the world to answer questions relating to a large area of ​​products or services.

But why should they pay you to know your opinion?

Simple because these companies collect the data of a group of people and sell them to other private companies interested in that type of target to carry out a market analysis or an assessment of the competition and so on.

Payments are always on time with these applications, but clearly you can’t expect to earn more than 300 euros per month.

It is only a method to round off and clearly you don’t get rich but if you carry it out with seriousness and perseverance you can get different satisfactions.

We close by saying that it is also possible to earn money by writing, there are online websites such as Melascrivi that put titles online to write on with guidelines and you are paid at the end of the work done.

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Thanks for being with us, this article on how to earn extra online ends here, if you found it interesting, share it with your friends via the social buttons you find below, see you soon and good continuation on our site.

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