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Welcome back to Money Beng, if you are here it is because you are finally making the decision to open a bar but you probably did not know the costs and procedures yet, that is why we have written this article in which we will answer the questions, how much does it cost to open a bar? How to open it? What are the expenses to be faced?

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What does it take to open a bar

We will immediately start answering your questions starting from the basic requirements that are needed for opening a business that offers catering services to customers.

HACCP certificate

First of all, starting from the bureaucratic part in Italy, to open a bar you will need to have a HACCP certificate issued by the competent Chamber of Commerce of your province.

The HACCP certificate is a necessary certification for starting any business that intends to sell products and foods to consumers that require food handling, in a broader sense it becomes necessary for any food sales business.

It is possible to obtain this certification after passing a 50-hour course to which it is possible to register by calling the assistance numbers of the competent Chamber of Commerce in your area.

The course for issuing the HACCP certificate is not complicated at all, it is just a question of acquiring the basic knowledge that allows you to put food on sale safely for final consumers who will thus be able to rest assured when purchasing your products.

Chamber of Commerce registration

Registration with the competent chamber of commerce for your area is not optional, in fact it is a fundamental requirement for opening a bar and consequently a food business.

Through the chamber of commerce you will also get a USB stick that allows you to digitize some of the bureaucratic procedures required for your company, the cost is around 50 euros and here too it is mandatory.

Request for VAT number at the Revenue Agency

Another fundamental requirement for the completion of the bureaucratic procedure required for the opening of your bar is clearly the request for the VAT number from the revenue agency, which is usually handled by your own accountant.

The VAT number will be your tracking code for your business, through this number you will be able to pay taxes and fees but also apply for state funding, access various kinds of tax breaks and deductions .

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How to open a bar | Which legal form to choose

Depending on the legal form chosen to open a bar, the costs can vary considerably.

In fact, if in Italy you choose to open a bar in the form of a sole proprietorship, you could be included in the flat tax regime subject to only 15% substitute tax, saving thousands of euros compared to the ordinary tax regime which is currently mandatory for a turnover more than 85,000 euros.

Furthermore, it is also possible to opt for the establishment of a company, what would be the advantage?

The advantage of opening a bar with the legal form of the company lies in the fact that it is possible to increase the capital made available for the investment thanks to the entry of other shareholders.

There are several companies, but mainly they are divided into two branches, those of people and those of capital.

In short, corporations have perfect patrimonial autonomy, and in the event of bankruptcy and debts no debtor will be able to make up for your personal capital, the advantage of partnerships lies instead in their simplified management and in the very cost of setting up and managing lower.

In fact, just to set up a SRL it takes 10,000 to be registered in the company’s assets, while the mandatory incorporation procedure with a notary goes from 1,000 to 1,500 euros.

How much does it cost to open a bar?

Opening a bar involves various costs which depend on the size of the premises, the products and services offered and the number of employees.

Rent a place or buy it

Therefore, the first assessment to make when it comes to bar opening costs concerns the place and the location that you intend to exploit for your business.

Unlike online activities, for an activity such as that of a bar, choosing the right location can be a determining factor in the success of the business.

In this regard, it is necessary to carry out the appropriate market and competition analyzes to understand if this can prove to be a good investment.

Therefore, having chosen the location, we must evaluate whether to rent or buy the place.

It is clear that if you have the opportunity, it is better to buy the place to avoid that the owner at one point of your business tells you to pack your bags.

So as costs we can already estimate from 2,000 euros of rent per month upwards, or in case of purchase of the premises from 50,000 euros upwards.

Expenses for upgrading the premises

Clearly it is not enough just to rent or buy a place, in fact it is also essential to bring the latter into compliance to avoid closing already in the first year with health inspections and local controls.

This kind of costs depend a lot on the type of place you have chosen to open a bar for, for example if you buy a place where there was already a bar before, it is clear that this is already set up for this activity and you will save a lot on all these costs, however you will have to carefully evaluate why the previous bar closed to avoid not having the same end.

Very often some businesses close simply because the owner retires or because he has decided to change jobs, there isn’t always a negative connotation behind it.

Other expenses to consider to open a coffee shop

In general there are many other costs to consider, for example:

  • Machinery costs
  • Furniture costs
  • Staff costs

How much does it cost to open a bar really

That said, answering the question how much it costs to open a bar, we can probably say that the cost ranges from a minimum of 80,000 euros for a small venue up to 500,000 euros for a very large bar that offers a wide variety of services and products. if we also add the sale of tobacco to this we must add the cost of the license for the sale of tobacco which can cost as much as 50,000 euros.


Thanks for being with us, this article on how much it costs to open a bar and how to open it ends here, if you found it interesting, share it with your friends via the social buttons you find below, see you soon and good continuation on our site.

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