Employee or Freelancer | What’s Better?

Employee or freelancer? this is the question that today we at Money Beng will answer for you in the most objective way possible.

Especially for young people and for all those who do not yet have experience in the world of work it is normal to ask this question not knowing exactly what to expect.

Better to be an employee or a freelancer

For some the answer would be very obvious, but in fact it is not!

In fact, this choice also depends a lot on what kind of person you are, in fact if you are afraid of challenges, you are not a particularly self-confident person, becoming an entrepreneur or a freelancer could hardly be the right choice for you, the fact remains that an ambitious person can very well to aspire to one of the two paths.

Below we list some of the advantages and disadvantages of being an employee and a freelancer.

Advantages of being an employee of a public or private company

The advantages of being an employee are many unlike what one might expect, these are:

  • Pre-established working hours
  • Contract protected at national level by trade unions
  • Salary security every month
  • No worries when you go home
  • Possibility to better organize free time
  • Contributions paid by the employer
  • Possibility to change company at any time

Disadvantages of being an employee

If on the one hand being an employee of a company has considerable benefits, on the other it also has obvious disadvantages, these are:

  • Reduced possibility of salary increase, (You will always have a ceiling).
  • No flexibility on working hours
  • No choice over business decisions
  • Orders are taken from the employer and superiors
  • Envy among colleagues
  • You have to work at least 8 hours a day
  • Possibility to go on vacation only in the summer and at Christmas if it goes well
  • Difficulty in finding a serious company that guarantees all the above advantages

Benefits of being a freelancer, entrepreneur

Now let’s move on to the advantages for those who want to become a freelancer or entrepreneur:

  • There is no earning limit (You can even become a millionaire with the winning idea)
  • Maximum flexibility of choice
  • You work when you want
  • Possibility to choose the jobs you want to do
  • Ability to delegate the most boring tasks to an employee
  • Possibility to go on vacation when you want
  • You have no boss, you are the boss of yourself and the employees

Disadvantages for a freelancer, entrepreneur

As you can imagine, all that glitters is not gold, in fact, this figure also has significant disadvantages to consider when choosing, these are:

  • No monthly economic security (In fact, one month you could earn large sums, while the next month no one guarantees you that you will earn just as well)
  • Even when you stop working, you actually think about work all day
  • Very hard and arduous login
  • You have to pay the contributions yourself
  • High competition from other entrepreneurs

Employee or VAT number, how to choose?

In this article we have revealed all the pros and cons of being an employee and a freelancer, now it’s up to you to choose exactly which certainties you have in life, whether to take a risk or not.

Based on experience, we can tell you that nowadays having a permanent national contract, at least in Italy, is not so easy, and very often employers, even those of million-dollar companies, pay their employees late, and at work you don’t have all the rights that should be guaranteed by law by contracts, on pain of dismissal or retaliation at work.

Having said that personally since the risks are still there even in being an employee, maybe taking on the business risk isn’t that scary.

Clearly the public employee differs greatly from the private employee, this is because the former has a national contract with a state body, in most cases for an indefinite period, therefore he certainly has greater certainties and certainties than the private employee.

Thanks for being with us, and reading this article to definitively choose whether to become an employee or a freelancer, if you found it interesting, share it via the social buttons you find below, see you soon and good continuation on our site!

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Money Beng, The Editorial Team


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