Italian Real Estate Market Trend 2023

Welcome back dear readers of Invest In The Stock, today we will talk about the trend of the Italian real estate market in 2023 and see if it is more convenient to sell or rent a house in 2023.

Real estate market trend 2021

First of all, starting from the data relating to 2021, it is possible to note that in this year both the supply and demand for real estate has grown compared to the years characterized by the pandemic.

The market has remained fairly stable this year and has not suffered a collapse as expected due to the arrival of the epidemic, indeed there has even been a small relaunch which has allowed the Italian real estate market to grow.

Real estate market trend 2022

For the year 2022, the real estate market remains stable, and for at least 54% of the operators in the sector interviewed by Fimaa, the demand for real estate is still dynamic.

In short, even for 2022 the Italian real estate market manages to win expectations despite an economy massively influenced by the war in Ukraine and by the inflation generated at least in part by the latter.

In fact, inflation is precisely the cause of the general increase in prices that characterized the whole of 2022, making it even more difficult for Italians to make ends meet, but unlike what is expected, the Italian real estate market remains stable and not it collapses.

After all, we know that for Italians the greatest dream is the house, in fact it is precisely the latter who hold the highest number of owned homes in Europe, a dream that not even inflation has managed to break, at least for now .

Real estate market trend 2023

In the wake of 2022, the real estate market will also remain stable in 2023, thanks above all to the relaunch of the bonus for under 36s.

A bonus already tested in 2022 and which has significantly cushioned the influence of inflation on the Italian real estate market.

The first home bonus, implemented by the Draghi government and relaunched by the Meloni government, guarantees up to 80% of the purchase of the first home, the only requirements: Being under 36 years old, living with your wife or girlfriend for at least 2 years , and have an isee of less than 40,000 euros.

A very attractive bonus especially in a period in which banks no longer lend money as they did at the beginning, at least without a permanent employment contract or without a guarantor.

In short, forecasts for the Italian real estate market remain stable for 2023 as well, there will probably not be net growth due to the war in Ukraine which has a considerable influence on our economy, where we are still grappling with the pandemic crisis.

However, this social shock absorber combined with the Italian culture of the first home means that the market does not collapse and remains stable for the whole of 2023.

Better to sell or rent a house to invest

Very often, when you decide to invest in the Italian real estate market, you have to choose whether to sell or rent a house. What is more convenient today?

The truth is that this depends a lot on the area in which you intend to invest.

For example, in a seaside resort with a rich tourist flow, the winning idea could be to rent a house to tourists in the summer, where you could earn an amount equal to or even higher than the annual rent reserved for local citizens, also having available 6 months a year.

However there are cities, especially in the south, where houses for rent are almost non-existent, therefore a winning idea could also be to rent out a building to local people instead of selling.

In fact, in these locations it will not be difficult to find people to rent to.

We remind you that the sale is sometimes an end in itself, and in many cases once the money has been spent, there would be nothing left in your pocket, the rent instead produces a passive and constant income over time, and if the area in which the ‘property is about to be redeveloped, your property could even increase in value.

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