How To Wear White Pants To Have A Perfect Look

Welcome back dear readers of CF MODA, we are always very happy and satisfied to have you here with us again. In today’s article we will talk about fashion, specifically, we will see how to combine white trousers, to have a perfect look and always be in step with the times.

We will analyze all the original ideas that the most prestigious maisons have conceived to complement this timeless garment with various garments. From the casual and informal look to the most elegant and refined outfits.

Fashion symbol

Let’s start by seeing how to match men’s white trousers.

This iconic garment has always been considered the symbol of purely summer men’s fashion.

But that’s not the case, this garment can be used easily all year round, obviously it is enough to combine it with something that enhances its appearance and intrinsic particularity.

In the warmer periods, of necessity, trousers in cotton or linen are preferred, light, breathable and comfortable fabrics.

Erroneously, the choice of this color, especially for trousers, creates some doubts in those who choose to wear them:

Because in the past it was thought to be a demanding choice that required a lot more personality than the classic dark trousers or jeans, but it’s not like that!
By now this garment has been fully cleared through customs and can now be worn easily during all seasons.

How to match men’s white trousers?

Let’s take a look at some useful ideas for how to combine white men’s trousers.

Let’s immediately dispel a myth, white trousers in the evening are a glamorous choice, so it’s not true that they are a garment that can only be worn during the day, just choose the right combination and you’re done.

What can I wear over white trousers?

The total white look, even if it can sometimes prove to be a winning choice, is difficult to wear, especially on certain occasions.

Instead, you can opt for garments with contrasting colors, for example:

  • Colors like blue, maybe for a shirt or a t-shirt
  • A military green jacket or blazer

They can turn out to be good choices, even in the coldest seasons.

White pants in winter
In autumn and especially in winter, choose well what to wear with white trousers, since these seasons usually see darker colors dominate.

Playing it all down with bright colors, red, electric blue and orange, are ideas you can try to make your outfits more irreverent and carefree.

In general, remember that white is a color that is enhanced when combined with opposite and strong colors.

Another idea may be to combine it with a nice leather jacket, in shades of brown or blue, as well as the timeless black.

As for the warmer and summer periods, especially if you are in some seaside resort, you can combine white men’s trousers even with light colors.

Opt for a cream or beige linen shirt or a nice light blue or pale yellow shirt, ideal for a dinner or an aperitif by the pool or overlooking the sea.

Play, dare, risk and remember not to be afraid to experiment with your imagination.

How to combine a woman’s white trousers?

Let’s now review various ideas and combinations for how to match women’s white trousers.

Let’s start immediately from an assumption, there are various types of white trousers:

  • Cigarette trousers that go straight down the leg
  • Regular fit trousers
  • Flared trousers, typically seventies
  • Palazzo model trousers

Therefore, you have to be careful what you are going to combine.

Enhance shapes

So let’s evaluate what type of white trousers to choose, also based on the perfect model to enhance the shapes.

The first proposal we are going to make is ideal for those who love to dare, experiment and combine, playing with colors and patterns.

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Classic white trousers

To the classic white trousers – in this case, we opt for cigarette trousers or slim trousers – we will combine an animalier pattern:

  • Brindle
  • Zebra or
  • Leopard print

You do! The important thing is not to overdo it, dare yes, but with taste.

So, space for sweatshirts, tops and T-shirts.

In winter, instead, wool sweaters and heavier outerwear.

Clothing accessories

To give an extra touch, we recommend gold, silver or classic black accessories, especially in the colder seasons. Even red, but in small doses.

Another idea for how to combine wide white trousers is the oldest in the world, i.e. black and white, a timeless combination, it adapts to all situations and is certainly the most versatile style.

It is the perfect combination both for those who love the classic style and for those who dress more modern and contemporary.

White trousers and black garments

If you decide to combine a black garment with white trousers, for example, you can wear:

  • A masculine cut jacket
  • A simple shirt or
  • A turtleneck

It is necessary to play on the color of the accessories. Particularly:

  • A red or yellow belt, in perfect eighties style, tied at the waist
  • Patent leather bags and
  • Very showy and showy jewels, like a colorful necklace and maxi earrings
  • Golden or silver references are also very good, you just need to know how to mix everything with balance and harmony.

Shoes to match

If you want to have a more casual look, you can think of combining women’s white trousers, perhaps a flared model, with a shirt or a denim jacket.

This outfit is ideal for going to work, perhaps combined with flat shoes.
If worn with high heels, on the other hand, it’s perfect for an informal dinner or after-dinner.

All-white look

Total white is also contemplated, especially in summer.

Soft and ethereal outfits, silk, linen and organic cotton are the best choices.

In addition, the total white look is ideal for:

A cocktail on the beach at sunset, barefoot or with a beautiful jeweled sandal.

What shoes to wear with white pants?

As for the type of shoes to match for men, we recommend elegant, black or dark brown lace-ups, especially for more formal evening outings.

Even the most casual and comfortable sneakers to play down the look are fine, especially for the day.

Boots and ankle boots for the winter.

For women, we recommend heels, very colorful or contrasting black. Winter boots and moccasins are also good here.

Well dear friends of CF MODA, now you know how to combine white trousers to have a perfect look for all occasions.

CF MODA, The Editorial Board



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