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Welcome to Money Beng, today we will discover the whole truth about how much bloggers earn in 2023, sifting through the official estimates of important agencies in the sector but also thanks to the information we have found for you from the internet on bloggers earnings.

First of all, however, it is necessary to clarify who a blogger is also because in recent months I have noticed a lot of confusion among people who very often confuse the blogger with the influencer.

The blogger is a copywriter or a writer who writes on his own website called a blog and thus provides informative content to his readers who reach him from Google search, social networks or paid advertising.

The influencer, on the other hand, creates digital content such as videos or photos and publishes them on social networks, so he does not have a real space of his own and does not have a website where he publishes his content.

Bloggers earnings

Now that you finally know what a blog is, we can talk about real numbers, specifying one thing, however.

The blogger does not have a fixed salary or constant income, this is because his income is subject to an innumerable series of variables which he himself must also take into account.

In fact, such a generalist estimate cannot be made on how much a blogger earns, but we can give you some examples of those who have made it today and have made their annual earnings public.

How much do famous bloggers earn

As the first blogger in Italy, we cannot fail to mention the case of Salvatore Aranzulla, who already had a successful blog at the age of 20 on which he wrote every day from an early age.

To date, the blog earns around 10 million euros a year and is the most read blog in Italy.

Salvatore even received an offer from the well-known magazine Il Messaggero for the acquisition of his blog which was sold to him for several million euros, also obtaining to remain editor-in-chief of his blog.

Or I could cite the case of Chiara Ferragni, who did not exist before creating her blog The Blonde Salad which currently earns the beauty of 15 million euros a year.

And then there is also the blog of Mariano Di Vaio who consecrated him a star among the youngest. When he started his blog he was still a model who paraded on the catwalks of Milan, and when he said he wanted to start a blog he was almost laughed at, and today he is one of the most famous men’s fashion bloggers in the world.

In short, we could go on for hours telling you about the success stories of bloggers who have made it, there are thousands who have become millionaires, and those who have not become millionaires but who have continued to write certainly do not need loans.

How much can you earn with a blog actually

What we have told you about are success stories of the best, but do other bloggers really make money or are they simply lucky cases dictated by the variable of luck?

My friends bloggers earn thousands of euros, as shown by the data provided by Convertkit according to which last year professional bloggers who represent 14% of bloggers earned an average annual figure of $ 137,000 while the remaining 86% only $9,497.

Why do 86% earn so little? The answer may lie in several factors, it may be that you write on the blog only to share your experiences, or your thoughts, thus leaving out the whole SEO part that drives visits to the blog from search engines, or you simply do not have much time to dedicate ourselves because maybe it’s just a second job to round off.

Then there are those who stay in their comfort zone and have no intention of improving for fear of losing their job as an employee.

The reasons are varied, but if you want to be a successful blogger you absolutely must be determined and persevering in publishing content.

How to become a blogger | Earnings blogger 2023

Becoming a blogger is a process that does not happen immediately, but you have to work hard in writing the articles, and there is also a small investment to make which concerns the purchase of the domain and hosting.

The domain is the URL of the site, such as

While hosting is your space in which you can write whatever you want without being banned as could happen on Facebook or Instagram and so on.

When I started, I wasn’t as lucky as you to have someone tell me exactly which are the best hosting and domain providers or I would have saved myself a lot of time.

The one I use and would recommend to practically all my friends is Siteground!

Siteground offers three plans but I will only tell you about the initial one which is more than enough for you!

The initial plan is called StartUp and includes Hosting + Domain, the price ranges from 50 to 90 euros but I assure you that if you write content every day it will be a joke for you to earn that amount.

How does a blog make money

I close with a last parenthesis so as not to dwell too much and not go off topic, blogs have many ways to earn online, in fact we are talking about direct and indirect earnings and passive income.

The most common concern Adsense or Google’s contextual advertising which is carried out with the insertion of its banners in articles, with affiliations through which bloggers receive commissions thanks to the suitable purchase made by users from the links inserted in their articles or with the direct sale of products.

In fact, as already mentioned, the possibilities are endless, once we have made ourselves known on the net we can even think of incorporating an e-commerce within our blog to monetize our readers and thus be able to achieve financial independence.

Thanks for being with me, this article on a blogger’s earnings 2023 ends here, if you found it interesting, share it with your friends via the social buttons you find below, see you soon and good continuation on Money Beng.

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