Affiliate Marketing Getting Started: The Complete Guide

Welcome to Money Beng, today we will reveal one of the most powerful ways to make money online, for this reason we have compiled a complete guide on affiliate marketing how to get started.

Affiliate marketing is often underestimated when you start a blog, this is because there are other earning possibilities that are greatly overestimated, one of these is Adsense, which we may discuss in another article.

Affiliate marketing what is it

Let’s start this beginner’s guide right away by defining what affiliate marketing is.

This type of online earnings is based on the agreement stipulated between a blogger and a company that sells a service or product, which provides that for each eligible purchase made through the links of his blog, the blogger will receive a commission that varies percentage based on the service or product sold and sales volume.

Translated it means that you recommend a product or service on your blog and your readers by clicking on the hypertext link if they make a suitable purchase, you will receive a commission.

How much can you earn with affiliate marketing

I’m sure this is the question that interests you the most and that’s why I decided to put it at the beginning.

Affiliate marketing is a very powerful method of earning that only few can truly understand its potential.

Since it is not an employee activity, there is clearly no real metric on how much a blogger can earn from affiliations.

However I can tell you that it starts from 1000 euros a year up to several hundred thousand euros.

What does earning a lot or less depend on?

There are so many variables, and you have to be good at capturing them all in this beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing.

Now I will tell you how to proceed, try to be very careful!

Affiliate marketing how to get started

The concept of how affiliate marketing works seems clear enough to me, now let’s try to understand what you need to get started.

Buy domain and hosting

Step one is clearly to buy domain + hosting and install WordPress, also because if you don’t have a website you will never be able to start earning seriously with affiliate marketing.

But be careful! In order to attract visitors and to be able to monetize them, a website must be fast and powerful, don’t think that by purchasing the cheapest hosting of all you have made a smart choice!

The hosting provider will be the one who will accompany you throughout the process, and choosing a powerful hosting from the beginning becomes essential!

Just think that 66% of readers tend to abandon the page after the first 5 seconds of loading, which is why having powerful hosting that allows you to have a fast and performing site becomes essential.

When I started blogging I didn’t have such a complete guide that would explain all these things to me and I had to do several experiments, changes, and waste a lot of time before finding the best hosting of all, namely Siteground.

Install WordPress on your hosting

Siteground is a very user-friendly provider and you will have no trouble buying domain plus hosting.

For those who still don’t know, the domain is the URL of the site such as

Hosting is the space on which you will host your content available online.

Having said that, once you have purchased hosting + domain you will need to install on it.

Avoid other CMS like and others, this is because is the world’s most customizable solution for your site.

At the time I bought a plan and I regretted it a lot, each plugin was paid, then I had to move the site with a waste of time and money, and I assure you that here you are traveling to another level with very high customization standards.

To install WordPress from cPanel on Siteground you will have to click on the install icon and you’re done.

To access the panel where articles are added and customizations are made, simply write and you can access quickly with the username and password chosen during installation.

Find your niche

When we choose to start with affiliate marketing as a method of earning, the choice of the niche on which to write articles becomes fundamental.

Not all companies pay the same commission in percentage terms, and the product offered can be more or less expensive and your readers may be more or less inclined to buy it.

Therefore there are several considerations to make before choosing the niche to operate on.

My personal advice is to write about what you like so as not to get bored.

More than 80% of aspiring bloggers stop posting after just one month.

This happens because you stop believing or talk about very boring content.

It is clear to everyone that they are much more profitable niches but if you don’t feel like writing then it becomes useless.

The sectors that pay the most are certainly the financial and insurance ones, we are talking about very high affiliate marketing commissions, even in the order of 300 euros for a suitable purchase made.

If, on the other hand, you like fashion and would like to talk about trends and clothing, a very interesting network is that of Amazon, whose commissions on the product sold revolve around 10%.

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Affiliate Marketing with Amazon

To date, Amazon is one of the online affiliate platforms that allows you to earn more with everyday life products, thus leaving out the financial sector.

In fact, making even just 100 sales a month isn’t very difficult, considering an average of 50 euros per product, that’s 5,000 euros in revenue for Amazon and 500 euros will be your commission.

Amazon is very advantageous for several reasons, the first is that if visitors click on your link even if they make the purchase after a week you will still receive your commission, this because it remains in memory for up to 30 days.

Amazon payments are punctual at the end of the month and there is an infinite catalog of products to recommend.

Earnings come after about 6 months / a year, unless you buy a blog already started.

It takes so long because search engines take several months to index your site, so if you only earned 100 euros within the first year, everything is normal!

Time passes anyway guys, use it well!

How affiliate marketing works

We have already told you broadly what affiliate marketing is, now let’s see how it works technically.

Again taking the example of Amazon, you just need to access the portal and click on the button become an affiliate, at which point fill out a form and you’re done.

Once you have signed up for the Amazon affiliate program, just go to the website, search for the products and click on the get link button at the top left which will only appear after you have become an affiliate, then click on text and you will have your link to insert on the words of your article making them hypertext, when readers click on these words they will be redirected to the Amazon portal and traced by the code present on the link.

There are other affiliate portals but in general they always work the same way, they give you a link containing your affiliate code which you can spread as you see fit on your articles.

Thank you for reading this article on affiliate marketing how to get started, if you found it interesting share it with your friends via the social buttons you find below, see you soon and good continuation on Money Beng.

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