Well Groomed Beard, Tips For Having A Perfect Man Beard

Welcome back dear friends of CF MODA, as always we are very pleased and honored by the affection you show us on a daily basis. In today’s article, we are going to deal with a topic that is close to the heart of all men who care about their physical appearance and always want to be perfect and impeccable, we will talk about a well-groomed beard.

Specifically, we’re going to see the main features and give you some valuable tips for having a perfect man’s beard.

Types of beards for men

First of all, let’s start by seeing what are the most popular and trendy types of beard in this period, because when we talk about well-groomed beard fashion we must always refer to the trends of the moment.

Usually, these are contemporary reinterpretations of styles already seen in the past.

In other cases, however, we are talking about real innovations, the result of experimentation and foresight, as well as the innate talent for making the perfect beard.

It must be considered that the perfect man beard can change completely depending on the appearance and aesthetics of the individual.

Therefore, having a well-groomed beard means giving uniqueness and style to your image, something extremely personal and unique.

In addition, the well-groomed long beard enhances the wearer, adapting perfectly to the shape of the face.

One of the most used types of men’s beard these days is certainly the unkempt beard.

This type of long beard does not require particular specific care; on the contrary, it is totally devoid of it, given that it is a thick and well-groomed beard model that does not have a defined or minimum length.

Therefore it can vary from 5 mm up to beards of over 10 cm.

This style of beard for the face is obviously the antipodes to what a well-groomed and well-finished short beard can be.

The unkempt beard is usually much appreciated by people with a more relaxed and less formal and plastered lifestyle, without canonical work jobs.

Long beard

Another very widespread style globally is the well-groomed long beard for men.

This style relies heavily on the shape of the face of those who decide to wear it, and is usually shaped on the features of the face.

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In our area, the long beard trimmed on the chin and shaded on the cheeks is quite widespread.

This is due to the fact that it lengthens and streamlines the face, as well as greatly reducing that annoying effect of a ruffled beard on the cheekbones.

In addition, this variant of a well-groomed long beard for men is ideal for bald people, as it shifts the focus to the face and at the same time gives personality.

To obtain a long and thick, well-groomed beard, we recommend leaving the mass natural, without blending, thus giving more volume.

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Short Beard

This beard style is very popular among more practical people who carry out working professions, where a well-groomed and formal look is essential.

A short and well-groomed beard does not require necessary daily routines, you simply need to carefully shave your face.

If you want to always have a flawless beard, we recommend that you shave at least every two or three days.

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Let a few more days go by if you prefer the classic week-long beard, which is very popular and perfect for all ages.

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Now let’s see how to have a well-groomed beard.

In fact, as we said previously, taking care of the beard is a fundamental thing for men, whether you intend to keep it long and therefore make it grow, or those who keep it more tidy and shorter.

Thanks to our guide, we will try to give you useful tips and tricks to have a well-groomed beard.

Rules to follow to have a well-groomed beard

If you want to have a well-groomed fashion beard, you need to follow specific rules to always have it in order.

In fact, once the length and type of well-groomed and desired beard have been decided, it is enough to have a good daily routine to obtain excellent results.

How to take care of a long beard?

If you aim to have a long and well-groomed beard, you must necessarily make it grow in order to then give it the shape you want.

We recommend letting it grow for at least 3 or 4 months, obviously without shaving it or even trimming it.

By doing so, you will solve the annoying problem of patchy beard, this is because the missing areas will be covered by strong and thick hair.

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Moreover, to soothe the itching that may occur, use dedicated beard care products such as oils and balms suitable for long beard care.

Brush carefully

Another important routine to do is to brush the beard that is always well-groomed on a daily basis.

Then comb the hair, trying to give it the direction you want, while removing impurities, dust and dirt.

To facilitate this operation, you can opt for natural beard oils, useful for loosening beard knots.

Obviously, you have to wait until the beard is at least 4-5 centimeters long.

Shave your beard regularly

Once you have chosen the type of well-groomed short man beard you prefer, you can start giving it a defined shape.

To do this it is necessary to trim it periodically, so as to always have it symmetrical, since the beard does not grow in the same way in all points.

In fact, we advise you to shave the beard on the cheeks and under the neck, to give the long, well-groomed beard a more orderly and elegant appearance.

Among other things, for precision shaves you can use a manual razor, more suitable for certain points.

Moisturize your skin and wash your beard

The last piece of advice we want to give you is to always keep your beard clean and tidy.

Hygiene is in fact essential, especially if you want to have a long, well-groomed beard.

Wash your beard every day and use creams, oils and balms to make it softer to the touch and healthier, thanks to the ingredients contained in these special products.

Another essential thing is skin hydration.

With a short beard and therefore, with frequent shaving, the skin tends to get irritated and cracked, for this reason it is necessary to moisturize the skin with face creams that give shine and elasticity to the skin.

Moisturizing packs and face masks could also be for you.

Well dear friends of CF MODA, we are sure we have given you some useful advice on how to have a well-groomed beard to show off your best style.

CF MODA, The Editorial Team


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