Siteground: Opinions and Review | Why is it The Best?

Siteground opinions and review of the best hosting and domain company in the world.

For those who don’t know it yet, Siteground is a company founded in 2004 in Sofia in Bulgaria, currently has about 500 employees spread all over the world and over 2 million registered domains, so we are talking about a veteran company in this sector, and below we list the reasons why in our opinion it is the best hosting provider in the world.

Siteground opinions and review

First of all we want to make a premise. We tried tons of hosting and domain companies, but there was always something wrong.

A good hosting provider must be able to guarantee your site security, assistance and speed, all at a great price, without these premises you shouldn’t even consider it, that’s why we chose Siteground.

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Siteground customer service

One of the things we appreciated most of all is undoubtedly the customer support. Especially when you are inexperienced, customer service must be able to help you quickly and efficiently to allow you to work on your web project.

Siteground customer service is available 24/7, which means that whatever problem you have, you can always count on their help.

We have honestly never seen such cutting-edge customer care, on average they respond after not even two minutes of waiting and solve your problem in 99% of cases, at least this has been our experience with them.

Siteground customer service is in fact the most awarded in the world!

Siteground datacenter

As we said, a web services company must be able to guarantee speed for your site, and if you buy hosting with a company that has data centers that are too far from the location where you operate, your site risks being slow for your users.

With Siteground this problem does not exist because it has datacenters scattered all over the world allowing the opening of your web pages even in a second, clearly if you have also optimized your site in this sense.

That’s why to make the most of the closest Siteground datacenter you also need to make your pages leaner.

Also in this case the company provides you with a free plugin, Siteground Optimizer, which allows you to make the opening of pages much faster.

Security on Siteground

Also on the security side Siteground undoubtedly remains among the most competitive hosting on the market, thanks also to the introduction of a plugin made available to its members to make their site more secure from unwanted access or hackers.

The Siteground Security plugin will be able to put an end to your worries by giving you everything you need to deal with these malicious attacks.

Siteground prices

In terms of prices, we strongly believe that Siteground beats all hosting companies on the market, in fact, with just 3.65 per month including VAT, you will have powerful hosting available that also includes the domain.

This is a truly negligible amount that you can recover in the first year of activity with your site without major problems.

Siteground opinions

We have seen several aspects of this hosting provider for which we immediately fell in love with this hosting, but the aspect that we have not yet told you about is the ease of use of their website.

Indeed Siteground is user friendly, has a modern and avant-garde look, it is really very easy to create a website with Siteground even for those who create it for the first time.

We recommend Siteground 100% because we are enthusiastic about this hosting provider without which we probably could not have created dozens and dozens of websites today.

If you also have in mind to create a project on the web, sign up now and buy the plan that best matches your project!

Ad - Starter Web Hosting from SiteGround - The easiest start for your website. Click here to learn more.

Thank you for being with us, we hope we have helped you with our opinions on Siteground in choosing the best hosting for your project, if you have found the article interesting, share it with your friends via the social buttons you find below, see you soon and good continuation on our site.

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