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Welcome back dear friends of Invest In The Stock, today we will tell you about Plus500 affiliation, the program that allows you to monetize your readers thanks to one of the best known and most authoritative brokers in the world!

What is the Plus500 Affiliate Program

Before getting to the most important part of our online trading affiliate guide, we would like to specify what the Plus500 affiliate program is.

In particular, it is a panel made available by the broker which can be accessed on the site, with the intention of allowing all its subscribers to monetize their users thanks to the tracking links that the site provides through a wide range of advertising tools.

The program is currently active in all Western European countries, anyone can join if they have a website with a fair number of monthly visits and it deals with online trading and finance.

What are the requirements to join the Plus500 affiliate program

As a little anticipated, the requirements to be met are:

  • Residency in one of the countries where the platform is active.
  • Major age.
  • The possession of a website with an economic/financial background.
  • Get the Broker’s approval to post ads.

How to get the Plus500 affiliate program approved

Generally speaking, if you don’t have many articles in which you mention the Plus500 platform, getting approval won’t be so difficult, the case is different if you have already written several articles that talk about Plus500, in this case the broker could send you an email with an index of guidelines for correcting some or all of your articles to bring them into compliance with the law.

If you have a multilingual site the matter could become more complicated, this is because each country has its own regulation regarding online trading, therefore you will have to adapt all the articles following the regulations, clearly the broker will support you in implementing the changes by sending a email with points to fix step by step.

So nothing impossible, it only took us an afternoon to set up the whole site and we have so many articles, so don’t be alarmed.

Plus500 commissions

Here we are, here is perhaps the most interesting part of this guide, in fact now you will discover that becoming a Plus500 affiliate really represents a really important opportunity for all those who intend to monetize their blog after several efforts.

The Plus500 affiliate commission varies from $200, this clearly depends on the country in which you reside, in Italy for example it can go up to $700 CPA.

What is a CPA commission

Unlike Google advertising for example where a cost per click or CPC is calculated to pay publishers, with the Plus500 affiliate program the commission is calculated on the basis of a cost per action or CPA.

This means that to receive a commission, a user of your site must click on your ad, register, and start investing in order for him to be recognized as a qualified professional trader and you can therefore receive the commission.

How much can you earn with the Plus500 Affiliate Program?

Plus500 affiliation is a program that allows publishers to significantly increase the earnings of your site, it is a very powerful platform thanks to which it is not difficult to be able to earn even thousands of euros every month with your blog.

A single investor a month who registers on Plus500 and starts investing can guarantee you up to $800, a real salary with just one member.

Numbers in hand it is not difficult to understand how much it is possible to earn with this very appetizing affiliate program.

Plus500 Affiliate Program Benefits

If you are wondering why to choose Plus500 we can only tell you that the advantages are countless.

First of all you will have a very powerful panel in which you will find every possible marketing tool you need to advertise the broker.

Secondly, you will be able to take advantage of the reputation of an important brand known all over the world, in fact it will not be that difficult for you to convince users to register on Plus500 since it is a leader in the online CFD trading market.

But the advantages don’t end there, the platform allows you to advertise the broker in all possible languages, so you will have display, sidebar, text ads and anything else available in the language you need.

Furthermore, the broker is very serious and punctual in payments.

How to join the Plus500 affiliate program

Signing up for the Plus500 affiliate program is very simple, just log in to this link, and fill out a registration form.

Within the form you will be asked for your data, the site in which to place the ads, which must first be approved by the broker as specified above, a front and back copy of your identity document.

The procedure is streamlined and fast, you will lose a maximum of 5 minutes to complete everything.

5 minutes that could give a whole new meaning to the monetization of your site!

Thank you for being with us and reading our Plus500 affiliate program review, if you found it interesting, share it via the social buttons you find below, see you soon and good luck with the monetization of your site!

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