Luxury Watches 2023, The Ranking, Which Ones To Buy

Welcome back dear loyal readers of CF MODA, we are always very satisfied with the affection you show us on a daily basis. In today’s article we’re going to talk about a really interesting topic, especially for the economic implications that this market is having in recent times, namely, luxury watches 2023. We’ll try to figure out which ones to buy, where it’s better to do it and we’ll see the ranking together of the best and most sought after of the moment.

Invest in luxury watches

Let’s start right away by understanding why it is worth investing in luxury watches.

These products are certainly among the sought after and loved, not only by watch collectors but also by those looking for an accessory, an object that allows them to stand out, a habit to wear with pride on their wrist, so much so that they have become very profitable watch investments.

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We are talking about men’s luxury brand watches, conceived with quality raw materials, built with excellent mastery of the trade and experience by master watchmakers of an international level, and which maintain their value unchanged over time, even in the event of financial crises or changes and economic swings.

Precisely for this reason, 2023 luxury watches are among the most sought-after objects, not only by demanding collectors but also by many modern investors, especially now that savings yield less than in the past, a consequence of a safeguard of banking institutions against monetary devaluations .

As with real estate, jewels and precious metals, collectible Rolex luxury watches are considered a real safe haven, provided you know the market better, to have the opportunity to do excellent business.

Why buy luxury watches?

Let’s see why it pays to invest in luxury watches in 2023.

Let’s start from an assumption, Italian luxury investment watches are objects that increase in value over time.

Consequently, for this reason not all watches are ideal to buy for investing, but only the most valuable and sought after ones are.

In recent years, this specific luxury watch market has seen very positive trends develop, up to 138% growth.

As such, this exponential growth is also due to the fluctuating conditions of the other financial markets, but above all to the importance that vintage luxury watches have begun to have.

Safe haven watches

Given that, as previously mentioned, luxury branded watches also play the role of safe-haven assets very well, since their value increases over time and they do not suffer losses (even in the event of critical raw materials).

The market for classy watches is constantly growing, especially now that there is a lot of difficulty in finding and buying the best men’s luxury watches, due to the limited production of specimens.

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In fact, in recent years there has been a real escalation in the sales of used luxury watches or so-called second-hand luxury watches.

To tell the truth, precisely for this reason it is essential to follow a series of rules from the beginning to aim for the most profitable investments.

Furthermore, buying and selling these valuable watches is considered as a specific market niche, where speculation and easy and immediate profits, especially with more exclusive watch models, are the order of the day.

Invest in watches

Other things to take into consideration when making prudent investments in the field of luxury watches, in addition to earnings of course, are:

Passion and perseverance

Among other things, it is necessary to follow the watch price trend, the values ​​and fluctuations of the market, the trends of the period, and follow all the movements in the sector step by step.

Another thing to keep in mind is to know in detail:

Luxury watch brands

The manufacturers of the luxury watches you intend to buy
Moreover, you must always pay close attention to the watch brands on which you decide to bet and invest your savings.

Therefore, we advise you to always consult the watch exchange to understand all the fluctuations in values.

All of this will help investors choose which product to bet on.

It is also essential to pay a lot of attention to fakes, because obviously, as in all strongly expanding markets, even that of vintage luxury investment watches is not exempt from the presence of an infinite number of scammers who try to take advantage of inexperienced customers or who, overwhelmed by easy gain, lets himself be duped.

In particular, for this reason we would like to tell you to always check the precious objects you intend to buy and to contact only and exclusively expert personnel to buy luxury watches 2023.

Luxury watches 2023, the ranking

Now let’s see which are the best brands of luxury watches in 2023.


In our ranking, CARTIER cannot be missing which boasts several watches, a symbol of luxury and exclusivity.

Specifically, the Cartier Santos watch model, created in 1904 in honor of the aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, is considered the first wristwatch, even though it was initially conceived as a prototype.


Another highly rated specimen is certainly the Tag Heuer Monaco, a model known and appreciated all over the world since it has been used in several films.

Due to its distinctive square case, distinctive chronograph and blue dial, it is a piece of history that was released on the market in 1969.

Furthermore, it is considered one of the first automatic chronographs produced.

Also famous for being worn by actor Steve McQueen during the filming of the masterpiece film “Le Mans”.


Another very representative watch model in production since 1931, with its distinctive rotating case, we find the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso.

Considered one of the most iconic luxury watch models, it is today a real cult.

A product that has maintained its strong stylistic identity and its singularity.

A curious fact is that in 1994 the Duoface was born, which indicates the local time and a second time zone on both sides, ushering in a period of renaissance for the Reverso watch.


Another model of absolute prestige is the Royal Oak watch, released on the market in 1972 during the Basel Motor Show.

Known for the distinctive octagonal case and the singular locking system of the bezel using eight screws, inspired by the helmet of divers, as well as the characteristic tapisserie decoration that makes it unique in the world.


Finally, it could only be him, the most famous and desired luxury watch in the world, the ROLEX DAYTONA.

For more than thirty years it has been among the most coveted luxury objects, both by collectors and investors, with waiting lists of over seven years to be able to buy one from the parent company.

We can say with certainty that the Rolex Daytona watch embodies the ideal of luxury and exclusivity.

Well dear readers of CF MODA thanks to our guide you know which luxury watches 2023 to buy, whether you are a watch collector or want to invest in luxury goods.

CF Moda, The Editorial Staff



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