Living On An Income With 500.000 Euros | Complete Guide

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Welcome back dear loyal readers of Invest In The Stock, we are very satisfied and honored to have you here with us again and in increasing numbers. In today’s article, we will talk about finance and investments, specifically, we will see how to live on an income with 500,000 euros. Thanks to our complete and precise guide, we’re going to understand how to invest and live off an income with assets of 500,000 euros.

What does it mean to live on an annuity?

Let’s first of all understand how to live on the necessary capital annuity. It goes without saying that everyone hopes to be economically independent and to be able to live on income.

But is this project destined to remain a dream or is it really possible to invest and live on income, even through passive income?

In our guide, we will try to see in detail what it means to live on an income with 500,000 euros and what are the ways forward to be able to make this dream come true.

Leaving aside the bizarre and unfeasible options, there are ideas to pursue to invest and live on an income or to generate continuous passive automatic income, so as to have a sufficient income to be able to manage our finances.

Living on an annuity meaning

Basically, living off the shares means having passive and independent cash inputs, sufficient to pay all the monthly expenses and which allow you to live off the financial income, serenely and without needing to work. The solutions to obtain this result are different.

For example, you can have inheritances, bet on royalties or automatic investment systems that guarantee a good monthly income. In addition to this, the only goal of living off real estate is to achieve economic independence and thus spend a good standard of living without working.

As seen above, it is not easy to sell everything and live on income, however with the right investments and ideas you will have the possibility of generating excellent monthly income.

The most important thing to take into consideration is that in order to live on an income abroad, sources of passive income must necessarily feed themselves, guaranteeing constant income with minimal effort.

How much money do I need to live on an annuity?

Understanding how much money you need to live on an income in Italy is not easy to establish. The first thing that needs to be considered is the lifestyle we wish to have.

The choice of where you decide to go to live is also fundamental, given that we must scrupulously establish the amount that is needed each month to cover the cost of living in that particular area.

Now let’s see some variants of the amount necessary to live on an annuity with 500,000 euros.

From 1000 to 1500 euros per month

The first step is suitable for people who are satisfied with a second monthly income or a financial income useful for living on an income abroad, in states with a minimal cost of living.

With this in mind, investing low capital can guarantee excellent economic returns, without many difficulties.

From 1500 to 2500 euros per month

In this situation, you need to think about investing at least 50,000 euros in fixed-income financial assets, such as shares, bonds and cryptocurrencies.

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This is essential to be able to aspire to a monthly income that allows you to live on an income with dividends.

To tell the truth, it is an important level but not difficult to reach, especially if you already have a good experience in the online trading sector.

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From 3000 euros and more per month

To live on a cash income with a monthly sum of over 3,000 euros, you need to make very important investments, in the order of at least 200,000 euros.

The most suitable sectors are dividend stocks, ETFs or Hedge Funds (speculative fund), these solutions being among the most appreciated by large investors, used to live on income with ETFs.

Living on an annuity with 500,000 euros
Let’s go now to see how to invest and live off an income with assets of 500,000 euros.


One of the most popular options to be able to have the necessary capital to live on an annuity is the real estate market.

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Real estate income

In this sector there are several possibilities to be able to invest. For example, real estate can be purchased at judicial auctions and then resold to generate a profit.

In this case, however, keep in mind that it is necessary to know the market in a very thorough way, in order to avoid wrong purchases.

Another solution may be to buy properties or commercial activities to renovate and then resell obtaining a substantial income.

You can also decide to focus on rentals or bed and breakfasts, thus reaching the amount necessary to live on an income in a serene way and without having to work.

Live off your income with stocks, bonds and ETFs

In order to live off dividends, you need to plan to invest at least 500,000 euros to have passive income that will allow you to live peacefully.

Consequently, you can bet, for example, on the purchase of securities that have high minimum quantities and equity bonds.

Bonds also have a minimum subscription of 50,000 or 100,000 euros; but certainly, compared to traditional titles, they guarantee a higher return.

Pay close attention to investing 500,000 euros in bonds, given that if these securities are put on the market with such high minimum quantities, it is because we are talking about products that are more risky than traditional bank subordinated bonds.

For this reason, inform yourself well before investing large capital in this sector.

Living on annuity savings

The most basic thing to live on the necessary capital income is to have a substantial nest egg aside that allows you to have a constant monthly income.

Obviously here we are talking about people who have worked for years, arriving at accumulating an amount that allows them to live on an income at 50 years old.

Well dear friends of Invest in The Stock, through our complete guide you have seen what are the possible scenarios on the market for living on an income with 500,000 euros.

Invest in The Stock, The Editor



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