How To Grow A Man’s Beard, Useful Tips

Welcome back dear loyal readers of CF MODA, as always we are very happy and satisfied with the affection you show us on a daily basis. In today’s article, we will talk about looks and physical appearance, specifically, we will see how to grow a beard.

We will go to see all the trends and techniques used to grow a beard in all points. We will also try to give you useful and practical advice for beard care.

Reasons to grow a beard

One of the most frequent questions that men ask themselves is the following:

Why grow a beard?
There are many good reasons to actually do it, let’s see what they are together.

Hides face imperfections

The first point to take into consideration is that growing a long beard is an excellent trick to hide any imperfections on the face, which unfortunately many people have.

For example:

Covers unsightly acne scars

Gives more harmony to an asymmetrical and angular face, improving its appearance
It gives strength to some points and softens others
Because growing a beard on the cheeks can help us enhance the features of our face.

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In addition to this, a round face is ideal with a thick, full beard which makes the shape look longer, leaner and more linear.

Instead, for a square face with strong features, we recommend growing the beard in all points, so as to soften the shapes and lengthen the oval of the face.

Even in the professional field this can help us, because if previously those who held a certain role always had to have a flawless shave, now the situation is different, given that growing a long beard expresses more professionalism and confidence in those who turn to it. .

Gives a more mature and virile look

Another thing to take into consideration is that growing a thick beard certainly gives the man a few more points towards the fairer sex.

Yes, because women are very attracted to men who take care of their beard. This is also a sign of great virility from times gone by, and gives those who grow a beard a mysterious and fascinating air.

This happens because men who are used to growing a beard correctly are curious, as at first glance they seem like people who apparently do not pay much attention to their physical appearance, but instead it is the exact opposite.

In addition to this, growing a beard evenly allows those who wish to show more years than they actually are, since we all know that growing a long beard gives a mature and important look, even to young boys.

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Prevents cold and winter ailments

This is an aspect that many overlook, but growing a full beard makes the face more covered and warmer, especially when the temperatures are harsh, compared to a perfectly shaved one.

So we can safely say that growing a beard evenly is an excellent idea to fight the cold on the coldest days.

We also remember that growing a beard is good, as the skin is much better protected from external agents and blocks almost all UV rays, thus slowing down aging.

In addition to this, growing a beard correctly gives a natural barrier to the face, protecting it from germs and viruses.

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It is fashionable

It goes without saying that, especially in recent years, growing a beard has become trendy and all the rage, a real must.

Indeed, the man’s beard is considered almost an essential accessory for all those who want to always have a well-groomed appearance and keep up with the times.

As mentioned above, a man who decides to grow a long and thick beard wants to convey masculinity and virility, and this gives him sex appeal and self-confidence.

In fact, if we go back several centuries, growing a full beard is synonymous with power, making the wearer assume the natural position of leader.

Beard growth tips

Let’s go now to see concretely how to grow a beard. The first point to take into consideration is what kind of look we want to have.

If you are here it is because you surely want to grow your beard evenly and thickly.

So, once you have decided on your style, you need to adopt some basic rules to grow a beard.

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Time is your main ally

If you decide to grow a beard properly, you need to have a lot of patience and dedication, especially at the beginning when it looks messy and irregular.

But after some time, even the less bushy areas tend to fill up. We must insist!

We also recommend, in the first few weeks, to shave the perimeter and outline the neck and cheeks, so as to quickly give a defined shape to the beard, when it is still short and growing.

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After that, the perimeter of the beard must be shaved daily to keep it constant, obviously if you opt to grow your beard evenly.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a more raw look, let the hair grow naturally, limiting yourself to brushing your beard carefully.

Beard trimming and grooming

An essential aspect for those who want to start growing a beard is to take care of it and cut it periodically.

In fact, we recommend trimming the beard following a methodical routine, to shape the perimeter and eliminate excess hair.

In addition to this, shaving the beard hair, like the hair, gives it strength and vigor.

Finally, another of the things to do every day, for those who decide to grow a beard without itching, is to take care of it scrupulously.

It starts with washing the beard, which is essential for removing dirt and impurities from the face and hair. Use beard shampoos, and after washing, after drying the hair up to the ends, you can complete the work with a nice nourishing balm or essential oils, which give shine to the beard and keep it healthy and soft to the touch.

Well dear friends of CF MODA, always remember to moisturize your face skin, especially after a shave. Now you know all about how to grow a beard to have a look that expresses your style.

CF MODA, The Editorial Team


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