Investing 100000 Euros, Practical Investment Tips

Welcome back dear readers of Money Beng, the inflation currently affecting the world makes it necessary to invest your savings to prevent money from losing purchasing power. In today’s article, we will talk about how to invest 100000 euros, we will give you practical advice to make them pay off over time.

As previously mentioned, in view of an increasingly present and galloping inflation, which puts a strain on the pockets of all Italians, it is essential to invest money to increase one’s assets.

However, the basis of savings is to find out about the opportunities offered by the markets and the financial instruments we have available, in order to invest in a safe way.

Practical advice for investing 100000 euros

Time is money, this means that if you have capital of 100000 euros and you don’t invest it, there is the risk of compromising its value in the short and long term.

Certainly, in this context, one cannot improvise, as we are not talking about a small amount, but rather a large enough amount of money to make money with targeted investments based on one’s financial goals.

So to answer the question we asked ourselves earlier: where to invest 100000 euros? It is necessary to consider a series of factors that underlie any investment.

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What to consider before investing?

Every investor has a different profile from another.

Evidently, this varies depending on what type of investor you are, what your risk tolerance is, and the investment time over which you want to see the results of your money invested.

You should also be aware that investing 100000 euros can also involve some loss of capital, due to market fluctuations or external factors that can influence them, for example, geopolitical conflicts.

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Leave the savings in the checking account?

Consequently, one might think that if there is a risk of loss in investments, then it would be better to leave the money in the bank account. This is nothing but a mistake to be avoided absolutely!

The reason is more than obvious: inflation causes the capital you have in the bank to erode.

Therefore, the way forward is that of investments, obviously studied carefully before making a decision.

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Where to invest 100000 euros?

Below we present some of the investment options, among the most profitable on the market.

It is true that market volatility and rising prices can trigger some fear and doubts among investors.

However, as mentioned at the beginning, in this sector the key is to carefully study the field where you are going to invest, you cannot and should not improvise.

So let’s see where to invest 100000 euros in the following lines:

Investing in shares (financial instruments)

The ability of stocks to generate returns and interest, which can be profitable over the long term, is a reason to invest in stocks.

In any case, it is necessary to carefully evaluate which shares to buy in listed companies, analyzing the trend of that company’s profits over time, and especially if it is a solid company you can trust.

In addition to shares, investors can also evaluate and consider investing 100,000 euros in other financial instruments such as bonds, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, government bonds, CFDs.

However, not forgetting that it is necessary to study well the sector of interest in which one intends to invest one’s money.

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Invest in safe haven assets

Gold and diamonds are the safe haven assets par excellence, those who manage to protect assets in times of crisis.

On the other hand, these commodities have shown that they have financial stability, also supported by central banks.

This is why investing 100000 euros in safe-haven assets is a safe investment option.

Real estate crowdfunding

The last option for investing 100000 euros is real estate crowdfunding, which allows investors to obtain a long-term income from the financing of projects in the real estate sector.

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This is possible thanks to the use of specially dedicated crowdfunding platforms, which allow investor members to receive dividends (annually or spread over the long term), based on the percentage of money invested in a given project.

Well dear friends of Money Beng, thanks to our advice, you now know what to consider before investing 100000 euros and where to invest them.

Money Beng, The Editorial Team


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