Beard Alopecia, What It Is, Causes, How To Cure It, Remedies

Welcome back dear faithful readers of CF MODA, we are very pleased and honored to have you here with us again and in increasing numbers. In today’s article, we will talk about personal care and specifically, beard alopecia. We will go together to understand the causes, what to do if you have this annoying problem. We will also analyze the treatments and the best natural remedies to prevent and combat this condition.

What is beard alopecia?

As we all well know, the beard is a distinctive element for any man who cares about his external appearance, and especially in recent years, it has gained more and more importance.

In fact, more and more people are turning to expert barbers who carry out suitable routines for the care of patchy beards, to allow their customers to always be perfect and impeccable.

Unfortunately, however, an increasingly large percentage of men have a problem that is commonly referred to as beard alopecia.

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In summary, it is the lack of growth of facial hair, localized in defined areas, sometimes due to illness or trauma, which are the main factors that prevent many men from showing off a perfect and well-groomed beard.

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Beard alopecia definition

Beard alopecia is usually defined as the lack or loss of a substantial portion of the hair that forms a patchy beard. This problem, unfortunately, prevents its total development on the face.

Most of the time it is due, as we said earlier, to traumas, wounds or specific pathologies that can cause physical complexes in those who suffer from it that end up influencing and disturbing their psychophysical health.

For this reason, in recent times there has been an increase in clinics specializing in beard grafting on patients’ faces.

Types of beard alopecia

This type of problem, unfortunately, can be divided into different types, based on the alopecia of the beard and hair from which one suffers.

The thing that we at CF MODA recommend is to consult a specialized clinic, if you have the doubt of being affected by this pathology, so as to receive a correct diagnosis, and start a beard alopecia therapy if necessary. of treatments adapted to your specific case.

Now let’s see the various types of beard alopecia areata that can occur.

Hormonal type

The first variant that we are going to deal with is the most common alopecia of the beard among men, that is, that of a hormonal or genetic type.

In this typology, the thick beard in the period of puberty does not lead to a complete development, therefore it presents itself with a not very marked and evident density.

The good news is that it’s easier to care for!

Alopecia second type

The second type, also among the most common, is beard hair alopecia areata which differs from the genetic and hormonal type, given that it manifests itself through the appearance of rounded and particular baldness areas.

Furthermore, alopecia areata barba is considered an immune pathology, precisely because it is the individual’s own immune system that affects the hair follicles, preventing hair growth.

Furthermore, stress and anxiety contribute significantly to making this type of disorder worse.


Another pathology that can lead to a marked alopecia of the beard is the appearance of skin diseases such as, for example, folliculitis, which also contributes to the origin of a bald and not very dense beard in certain areas of the face.

In other words, folliculitis is nothing more than the inflammation of the hair follicle that can occur thanks to an imperfect shave or the use of razors that are not in perfect condition.

This leads to bacterial infections and the appearance of fungi on the face.

At first glance, it presents itself with tiny purulent pimples or pustules which, if not treated appropriately, can become chronic, hindering the normal growth of the patchy beard.

Patchy beard from trauma or scars

Another variant in which this problem is expected is in the case of burns in the area of interest or when scars form after a trauma.

Here the hair follicles detach and no longer allow the regular growth of the beard in that specific area.

Therefore, in these cases, beard alopecia is very localized.


Beard ringworm is a fungus that spreads the infection that usually attacks the superficial layers of the skin of the face, causing, in the event of an acute pathology, redness, desquamation and, subsequently, if not treated in time, the formation of crusts associated with severe itching.

We speak of beard hair follicles that have low density in the areas affected by the problem.


The last variant that we are going to analyze is lupus, an immune disease which, unfortunately, can present itself in a serious form.

This disease causes a total inflammation of the body and consequently, also affects the health of hair, hair and beard.

In these cases, the hair follicles become inflamed and can even cause beard and hair loss, sometimes permanent.

Beard alopecia remedies

Finally, let’s see what are the most common remedies for beard alopecia.

In most cases, if you don’t suffer from very marked problems, you can use products such as lotions, creams and balms.

Especially if beard therapy alopecia is present with just a few patches, also because, if this were not the case, the repeated action of using these products could be counterproductive.

On a mental level, especially to avoid some sort of stress, those suffering from this disorder must get to forget about it completely, thus facilitating the process of regrowth of missing hair.

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Specific products

Products that stimulate beard growth, such as minoxidil or latanoprost, can also prove to be excellent allies in some situations.

Alternatively, topical or systemic cortisone or anthralin may be used. In this case, the beard hair grows slowly in the glabrous patches, and at first they are totally white, and then within a few months, they regain their natural color again.

Well dear friends of CF MODA, thanks to our article you know everything you need to prevent and treat beard alopecia, we always advise you and in any case to consult your trusted doctor first to solve the problem in the best way. as the information contained in the article does not represent any medical advice, other than for informational purposes only.

CF MODA, The Editorial Team


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