Apple Shares Forecasts 2023, Should You Invest?

Welcome back dear loyal readers of Invest In The Stock, we are always very happy and honored by the affection you show us on a daily basis. In today’s article we will talk about Apple shares forecasts 2023. Through our complete and precise guide, we will try to analyze Apple shares, their main characteristics, prices and understand when to invest.

What is Apple?

Let’s first see what the Apple share price is. This US company saw the light in the first half of 1976, where the three founding partners, namely, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, began to develop and then sell Apple computers.

In a short time, the company really took hold and about three years after its foundation, on January 3, 1977, the company moved to its headquarters located in Cupertino, in the state of California, where it is still present today.

Over time it has expanded considerably, so much so that today it occupies many hectares of land, which are home to the famous Apple Park.

Apple flagship products

The company Apple shares NASDAQ forecasts since it was created has embodied in all respects the creative and visionary vision of the brilliant Steve Jobs.

In fact, it has given birth to several electronic products, suitable for both the consumer and business markets, therefore suitable for professionals.

In addition to this, the products marketed by Apple range from computers to servers, to Ipads (tablets), the iconic iPod, and perhaps the invention that most revolutionized the sector of expertise, i.e. the iPhone smartphone, up to get to newer accessories like the Apple Watch.

Apple Italy

After more than forty years of honorable career, the Cupertino company has become one of the most important and well-known multinationals in the world, having inexhaustible economic resources.

Thanks to this, it managed to be the first private company to reach the record figure of 1 trillion dollars in capitalization.

The Apple company has been present in our area for several years now, indeed, since 2007 with the first Apple Store in Italy, opened in Rome; and is deeply rooted in the country, where it boasts hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who use the cutting-edge products of the apple brand.

Origins Apple logo

According to the official biography of Steve Jobs, the name of the company, i.e. Apple, arrived after a visit to a farm where apples were produced.

Curiously, according to the founder, this name sounded like funny, witty and encouraging.

In addition to this, there is also the advantage of having the name starting with the letter A, so you were sure to be at the top of every listing.

As we said earlier, in fact, its far-sighted founder, Steve Jobs Apple, has always had innovative ideas that have upset the market standards in most cases.

How and where to buy Apple shares?

Let’s go now to see how to buy Apple shares in Italy and where it is convenient to do so.

First of all, in order to buy Apple shares today, you need to register with an investment platform, after which it will be possible to buy and sell Apple shares on a quotation, through the mediation of an online broker, who are authorized to invest without risk for the customer.

However, it is necessary to make sure that these platforms are reliable and guaranteed, for this reason, make sure that they are equipped with a European license to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Apple shares start investing

Concretely, if you decide to invest in Apple shares over time, you need to open an account on the best broker platforms.

First, choose which platform to register on, we at Invest in The Stock advise you to focus on the most famous and quoted ones, so that you can count on prepared and experienced brokers.

Among the most common, we find Etoro, Degiro, XTB and Plus500, all valid alternatives and which allow you to use demo accounts to be able to train without the need to use real money, just register, entering your personal data and a document in course of validity. We remember you Plus500 is a CFD provider and they offer CFD service only.  All the instruments, including the Forex pairs, are available for trading only through CFDs

Whereas to start buy/sell Apple shares technical analysis you need to top up your account with real money; usually the minimum amount is around 50 euros to start trading with Apple shares forecasts.

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Should you invest in Apple shares?

This is one of the questions investors ask most often. Unfortunately, we cannot have a certain answer to this question, given that in order to evaluate the value of Apple shares, it is necessary to analyze several elements.

It is worth specifying that no security should be examined alone, but together with all the components of the securities portfolio.

Similarly, there are many factors to monitor, for example, the financial health of the company, the documents of companies listed on the stock exchange and the fluctuation of the stock.

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Apple stocks volatility

In the recent past, Apple shares costing the euro have experienced marked volatility in prices, especially influenced by external factors.

It should also be considered that past performance should not necessarily be taken literally, given that the future of the securities is quite uncertain.

Several market analysts say that the Apple stock forecasts 2023 are mainly indicated for investors who have a medium / high risk tolerance, as well as a conspicuous time horizon.

Since Apple is considered a leader in its field, offering an excellent long-term investment.

Apple stock forecast 2023

Finally, let’s see the Apple share trend forecasts for 2023. According to sector studies and recent market analyses, Apple shares should see a significant increase in price, thanks above all to the news that is circulating in this period, i.e. the entry of the Cupertino society in the metaverse.

According to data from these studies, Meta ranks first in worldwide sales of VR headsets, controlling about 75% of the industry.

For this reason, Apple’s entry into the metaverse could be a multi-billion dollar opportunity for the US company, because it would try to steal market share from Meta and other market players; and according to forecasts, the AR/VR headset market will grow from 9 million units last year to around 50 million by 2025.

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