When To Sell Stocks: The Best Time

Nowadays investors have a series of tools at their disposal that allow them to analyze, through stock market charts, when to sell shares to earn, because it is really necessary to know how to find the key period to invest in the stock market, and this will tell you we will explain in this article. Read on!

First of all, you need to analyze what your personal investor goals are and what you would like to invest in, to study the behavior of the stock market of any company, these are the key points to always keep in mind, and we start from here!

Make the right financial decisions

When deciding to invest in stocks today, there may be a stock market crash.

Therefore, you need to think with a clear head and not panic, as making a wrong decision could be unforgivable from an economic point of view.

In this regard, a little established investor in the field could decide to sell the shares when there is a stock market crash, with the subsequent losses that this decision entails, forgetting the fact that once the “bad period” has passed there could be a rebound shares.

Consequently, the first advice is to study the stock market in order to then make the right financial decisions; and this does not happen overnight, it obviously takes study, analysis and especially a lot of practice.

Choose the most suitable tool

Not all investors have the same profile, everyone is different, and this means that you need to choose the most suitable financial instrument for the type of investment you want to make.

The strategy is to become a long-term-minded investor, choosing value stocks that can produce interest-bearing returns.

The ideal is to hold the shares in the portfolio for a long period, but it can happen that you have to sell the shares, so it is natural to ask yourself: when to sell the shares to earn? We will find out below.

When to sell shares?

From the moment you aim to purchase certain shares, you need to evaluate these important aspects:

  • Company information
  • The profits it produces
  • Whether the company’s sales are increasing or decreasing
  • In any case, it should always be remembered that traders could also lose the capital they have invested if their predictions about market movements are incorrect.

What has been its growth in recent years

If the answers to these questions meet your financial needs, i.e. the stock has excellent value on the stock exchange and tends to hold constant over time, then now is not the time to sell the stock on the stock exchange.

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Conversely, if the analysis of the financial aspects concerning the company results in substantial (negative) changes or losses, it may be appropriate to sell the shares today.

It should be emphasized that in all long-term investments, there are ups and downs. So, you have to think carefully before making a decision.

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Evaluate your goals

In the stock investing industry, it can happen that a company is doing very well and reporting excellent profits.

At that point you should assess your current economic situation and what your goals are, for example, if you need the money immediately from investments or if you can wait another few years to make it pay off.

Analyze the performance of the shares

In addition to dedicating the right time to decide where to invest, it is essential to analyze the performance of the shares in real time.

We are aware that unfortunately not everyone has the time available for this arduous task, therefore, one could focus on indexed investments, for example: funds and ETFs.

Furthermore, it is recommended to use the best platforms for investing, solid and established where to buy and sell shares, whether it is eToro, Plus500, XTB, DeGiro, in the end the choice is up to you!

On Plus500 it is possible to trade CFDs only, also remembering that 86% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money

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We hope that with our advice on when to sell stocks to make money, you can decide when is the right time to invest.

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