The Best Thriller Movies 2023, The Ranking Not To Be Missed

Welcome back dear faithful readers of CF Moda, as always we are very pleased and honored to have you here with us again. In today’s article we will talk about cinema, specifically we will deal with a very well known and appreciated film genre, that is, we will see the best thriller films 2023.

We will analyze the characteristics and peculiarities of this category of must-see thriller films and which are the best thriller films ever.

What kind of movie is a thriller?

Let’s start first by understanding what the term thriller means.

Basically it means to shiver, because it takes its cue from the English term TO THRILL.

But one must be careful and not get confused and not associate this term with the horror or splatter genre.

What is meant by thriller film?

If we had to more precisely define this genre of thriller film to see, we will use the word suspense, which is more suited to the true intrinsic nature of this important genre of thriller film 2023.

Precisely because, it induces the viewer to have a state of tension and suspicion that lasts for the entire duration of the film.

Making a parallel with literature, many argue that this category was born with the first novels of the master Edgar Allan Poe.

Characteristics of a thriller film

The thriller film 2023 was born as a continuation of the mystery genre, which in turn takes its cue from the progenitor of this segment, or the genre defined as YELLOW:

Where the main purpose is to arouse a prolonged suspense in the public, due to the continuous search, usually, for the culprit of the facts told
It may happen that the thriller merges with other film genres, because by its nature it is very changeable.

Thus among the closest subgenres we find once again yellow.

Thriller and Giallo are similar, but not completely identical, also because they were born in different periods, with complementary characteristics.

Even if it can be considered a derivation of the mystery, the thriller films to see are distinguished from it and also from the noir, another very popular sub-genre, together with the detective story, in the seventies, for specific peculiarities.

How many types of thrillers are there?

Now let’s see the types of 2023 thriller films on the market.


This thriller category relies on action to generate suspense, and is the most neutral of all strands.

In this genre of best recent thriller movies, there are:

Fights for survival

Chases and shootings of sorts

The settings mainly of wild and uncontaminated nature put the protagonists in conditions of perennial risk.

The film Congo (1995), based on the best seller written by Michael Crichton, is the perfect example.


This 2023 thriller film subgenre differs from others because it uses the sci-fi gimmick to create action dynamics.

Science is at the heart of it all, with elements placed in context to generate stories with great emotional impact.

The Jurassic Park series fully represents all the main features of this category.


Here, the undisputed protagonist of the story is the mind of the protagonists, suspense and pathos are the order of the day, in addition to psychological reactions.

The ideal work to describe this category of film, progenitor of the genre and source of inspiration for directors and screenwriters to this day, is Psycho (1960):

Shot by the undisputed master Alfred Hitchcock, director of some of the best thriller films ever, where anguish and terror reign supreme

And now let’s see the latest variant of the genre of thriller films to see.

The history of these films is usually based on scientific foundations, with detailed explanations of the aspects of the technologies used, which do not necessarily actually exist.

The settings are mostly military or space and advanced research centers.

A striking example of this subgenre is I, ROBOT (2004), starring the American actor Will Smith.

List of the Best Thriller Movies 2023

Let’s go now to see which thriller films to see, due out in 2023.


Due out next year, it still stars Keanu Reeves as the expert killer, also known as Baba Yaga, the black man.
After the vicissitudes that occurred in the first three chapters of the John Wick series, in this fourth thriller film 2023, our John WICK will still have to face a multitude of fierce opponents and with a millionaire bounty on his head.

Shot between New York and Paris and even in Osaka, it is certainly one of the most anticipated thriller films of the season.


Stellar cast for this new thriller film, signed by the undisputed genius of Martin Scorsese.

For this film, the master Scorsese returns to direct the Oscar winners: Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, narrating the story of some murders that took place within an Indian tribe of Oklahoma.

All this, after someone accidentally discovered oil in the area.

With a succession of murders, conspiracies and twists, surely it will not leave viewers unsatisfied and will record box office records.


Another highly anticipated 2023 thriller film is The Plane, by Jean-François Richet, which sees the return to the big screen of Gerard Butler (protagonist of great worldwide successes such as 300 and Private Justice as well as the Attack on Power series) alongside another monster sacred of cinema like Morgan Freeman.

In this must-see thriller film, a commercial airline pilot becomes trapped in an area where there is an ongoing conflict, being forced to land by the arrival of a terrible storm.

Pathos and action are ingredients that will certainly not be missing in this pyrotechnic film.


This thriller film, strongly based on action and rhythm, sees director Bryan Singer behind the camera.

Matilda Lutz and Rhona Mitra bring to life the film version of Red Sonja, the protagonist of a Marvel comic.


The latest film to be released in 2023, in the psychological thriller genre that at times flows into horror, stars Allison Williams and Ronny Chieng as protagonists.

The plot sees a well-known robotics engineer employed in a toy company conceive, design and build a very realistic doll, which suddenly takes on a life of its own and from that moment everything changes.
Film that promises to be very particular and interesting.

Well dear friends of CF moda, thanks to our complete guide you can choose which of the best 2023 thriller films to go see.

CF MODA, The Editorial Team



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