Swiss Watch Brands, What Are They, Ranking Of The Most Famous

Welcome back dear loyal readers of CF MODA, we are always happy and satisfied with the affection you show us on a daily basis. In today’s article we will talk about Swiss watch brands.

We will go together to see what they are, why they are famous and their specific characteristics and peculiarities. Finally, we will rank the best Swiss watch brands.

History of Swiss watchmaking

Now let’s begin to understand why Swiss watches from famous brands have such an important and long-lasting history.

If you have noticed, when you want to buy a watch, often and willingly, you notice this wording “Swiss Made”, a mark that guarantees that the object has been produced and worked precisely in Switzerland, using first choice and quality materials .

Swiss Made

Basically this brand testifies that you are in the presence of one of the highly prestigious value-for-money watches.

In addition to these characteristics, in order to have this brand, the product in question must also comply with certain requirements established by the so-called “Swissness”.

In fact, only authorized producers who carry out at least 60% of their production in Switzerland can obtain this denomination.

Swiss Made Swiss Watchmaking

Until a few centuries ago, the watch market was mainly made up of leading exponents who came from countries such as France, Italy and Holland, who created excellent quality wristwatches, especially for the aristocratic elite.

They also specialized in building special watches for sailors, usually larger than the average size.

But it was in the first half of the 1800s that the best Swiss watch brands began to make their way into the market, through a very innovative idea.

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As a result, they began to produce Swiss automatic watches for the whole population, and not just for the rich and noble.

So, from this was born the empire of Swiss quality-price watches that continue to be synonymous with safety and reliability.

Quality Swiss watches

Another example of quality and innovation was to design the first clock used in the railway stations of the Swiss country.

In such a way as to allow with its elegant rigor, to always be aware of the exact time.

Formed by a white dial with a minimal design, very marked and easily legible indexes, thanks to the red second hand.

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Stop2Go mechanism

The precision mechanism was called Stop2Go, which allowed the second hand to make a complete 58-second revolution of the dial, and to stand still for the remaining 2 seconds at 12 o’clock, to then begin to resume the revolution.

Thanks to this clock movement, the trains were always able to leave at the pre-established time, so as to make the precision and punctuality of famous Swiss watches recognized worldwide.

Swiss watches production worldwide

Numbers in hand, the best Swiss watch brands produce about 20 million pieces every year, which corresponds to about 2% of the world’s total manufactured.

Nonetheless, it holds over 50% of the international watch market.

It should be noted that the total turnover of all Swiss luxury watch brands is calculated at just over 50 billion francs.

Considering retail sales, especially if we analyze the medium-high range watch sectors, Swiss watch brands leave very little to their main French or German competitors.

In fact, over 95% of the watches that are purchased, with a value exceeding 1,000 francs, are produced in Switzerland.

Moreover, in recent years, the average value of Swiss automatic watches that are exported has risen exponentially, up to almost 1,000 dollars:

A figure that must be multiplied several times to get an idea of the average price that customers are willing to pay to finally get the desired watch on their wrist
Best Swiss Watches Brands

Let’s see which are the most important and well-known high-end Swiss watch brands.


Let’s start with perhaps the most famous brand, namely, Rolex.

This company stands out from the others because it makes all the pieces that will make up the final product.

💎 Rolex: Status symbols
It is recognized as one of the world’s most valuable watchmakers, unsurpassed objects of high precision and quality.

They are basically a status symbol, especially for their price, not suitable for all customers.

Fortunately, there are Rolex watches on the market that are less expensive than the more famous ones.

Among these, one of the most popular is certainly the Rolex Sky-Dweller automatic watch.


Another major manufacturer of top-brand Swiss watches is Longines, one of the oldest and most pioneering brands in the sector.

Indeed, the first sales of this company began in 1832, mainly with pocket models.

Over time, this company has grown to become a point of reference, basing the design on models and chronographs adapted to aeronautics and sports.

The Longines Conquest is the iconic product of this historic brand.

One of the best known brands of Swiss watches, however, is Victorinox, a company that in 1989 decided to focus on the production of Swiss watches at very affordable prices.

This company has produced a wide range of products over the years, from diver’s watches to the most luxurious models of Swiss watches for women.

Among other things, the main features of its products are the quartz and the clock mechanism, as well as their high quality.

One of the most prized pieces, is the Victorinox Donna Alliance XS.

Certina has always been at the top of the list of Swiss watch brands, which has given great satisfaction to many customers around the world.

Its offer has expanded a lot and you can find watches for almost all budgets, including chronographs and automatic watches with an ETA 2824-2 movement.

Style and elegance for all ages, one of the best-selling and iconic models is the Certina DS Action Diver Powermatic chronograph.


The latest manufacturer of mid-range Swiss watches is certainly Tissot.

Available in both quartz movement and automatic Swiss watches, with a not too high price range and a design focused on sports models, with many multifunction quartz chronographs in the collection.

There are also classic and minimalist designs, clean dials and leather straps.

Among these, the most elegant and requested model is the Le Locle Powermatic 80.

Well dear friends of CF MODA, thanks to our article you know which are the best Swiss watches brands. Which are you planning to buy?

CF MODA, The Editorial Team



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