Metabolic Fitness What It Is, How It Works, Weight Loss

Welcome back dear loyal readers of CF MODA, we are very happy and honored to always have you here with us. In today’s article we will talk about lifestyle, specifically we will deal with metabolic fitness. We will see what it means, how it works and we will try to give some very useful advice for healthy weight loss, so as to always have a toned body in excellent shape.

What is Fitness?

Let’s start right away with understanding what fitness is. This Anglo-Saxon term literally means good health; that is, it means, especially in the sporting field, pursuing a precise lifestyle, capable of obtaining an optimal level of physical and mental fitness.

All this is achieved by doing sport and physical activity, together with a balanced and correct diet.

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Furthermore, it is not recommended to smoke and consume large quantities of alcohol and coffee.

The main objectives of metabolic fitness are in fact:

  • Maintain an ideal weight
  • Increase physical strength
  • Have more stamina
  • Stimulate balance and coordination
  • Achieve satisfactory joint mobility
  • Train the cardiovascular system

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Who is fitness suitable for?

This type of metabolic physical activity is perfect for people of all ages, provided that there are no particular pathologies that could compromise the individual’s motor skills.

Even if with the help of specialized medical personnel it is still possible to find the type of metabolic fitness activity and a balanced diet that can lead to tangible benefits.

In short, there is no contraindication of any kind, as long as you perform metabolic physical activity in line with your physical and mental conditions.

Metabolic fitness

Now let’s get into the specifics and analyze what metabolic fitness is.

This variant of classic sports fitness is designed for metabolic well-being, and its main objective is to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease, training with the help of low-intensity exercise programs.

The exercises in question perform the primary task of improving the metabolic component of whoever is doing them.

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As we will see later, metabolic fitness and weight loss is particularly suitable for people who have cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or decompensation, precisely, from a metabolic point of view.

Metabolic health

This type of functional metabolic training is substantially a different approach to health and sporting activity, because it is based on improving the health of the metabolism, without aiming only at weight loss, since it does not require the drastic reduction of excess kilos ; rather, it aims to improve the general well-being of the body.

Unfortunately, having a sedentary lifestyle is not good for the body and does not favor the correct metabolism, especially in obese people.

Therefore, it is essential to do metabolic training to lose weight, focusing on weight reduction and following a balanced diet, decreasing fats and carbohydrates and doing more metabolic physical activity every day.

In addition to this, metabolic fitness exercises are strictly indicated for people with insulin problems, and specifically insulin resistance, that is, a pathology usually associated with diabetes; and for this reason, it can be improved by including healthy foods in the daily diet and by doing regular physical activity.

Metabolic training benefits

Now let’s see what are the benefits that our body can have through metabolic fitness exercises.

The first important thing is that in a short time, on average in a couple of weeks, good results can be obtained.

Obviously, to get results in less time it is necessary to carry out metabolic fitness training in conjunction with a healthy eating style; therefore, avoid fats, sugars and carbohydrates.

Fortunately, this idea of metabolic fitness has been experiencing a lot of success in recent times, and it is certainly a good thing, because it puts the benefits related to metabolism in the foreground.

For example, there may be a reduction in blood LDL cholesterol, as well as a substantial improvement in the glycemic profile, due to glucose tolerance.

Metabolic fitness training

Now let’s go and see which are the best exercises for metabolic fitness. The first options we recommend are sports and aerobic activities, namely:

  • Race
  • I swim
  • Spinning
  • Tennis

Furthermore, they are metabolic physical activities that require a significant expenditure of energy, given that the sessions of these sports require continuous effort, with a high expenditure of oxygen.

For this reason they allow you to consume a lot of calories during metabolic training sessions.

Unfortunately, the downside is that they lead to an acceleration of the metabolism, especially in the hours following training.

Metabolic fitness exercises

However, there are not only aerobic exercises, useful for increasing metabolism, in fact, all high-intensity metabolic fitness activities are also ideal, perfect for losing weight.

They are workouts that stimulate the metabolism because they affect the heart rate.

In this specific sector we find, for example, the women’s metabolic workout, Interval Training. They are basically metabolic training circuits made up of short but intense exercises.

However, all those that can be performed in a circuit are also fine, as they work different muscle groups in unison.

In this category we find for example:

  • Burpees
  • Jump Squats
  • Mountain climbers
  • All variations of the Plank

Finally, perfect for their high energy expenditure, there are Calisthenics and CrossFit.

Metabolic training at home

Finally, let’s give you some useful advice to do functional metabolic training at home in complete tranquility.

First, you need to build yourself a daily metabolic training routine, ideal for increasing your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and calorie expenditure.


This exercise strengthens the legs and stimulates other physical abilities, endurance and strength above all.

Start with five repetitions of squats, possibly increasing the intensity, before moving on to the next exercise.


Push-ups are perfect for a good metabolic workout, they are the classic push-ups.

To obtain satisfactory results, it is necessary to do the repetitions quickly so as to increase the cardiovascular level.

We recommend an eight-rep push-up routine.


Another very expensive exercise that falls into the category of aerobic training is jumping rope.

If you are a beginner, it is better to start with caution and gradually increase the frequency and duration of the sessions.

Well dear CF MODA friends, thanks to our complete guide you are ready to start training hard with metabolic fitness, we are sure you will be satisfied with the results on your body and your health, you will feel healthy, beautiful and full of energy!

CF MODA, The Editorial Team



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