How To Trim A Beard 2023, Tips To Have The Perfect Beard

Welcome back dear loyal readers of CF moda, we are always very happy and satisfied with the affection you show us on a daily basis. In today’s article we are going to deal with a very interesting topic, in fact we will talk about how to shave 2023. We will try to give you all the best tips for wearing the perfect beard.

How to shave 2023?

First, let’s start seeing how to shave a man and take care of a DIY beard.

Let’s start from an assumption, shaving your beard is an operation that requires care and method, but it doesn’t necessarily take a long time.

We know that having a well-groomed and tidy appearance, especially to go to work or when you are around people, is our first calling card.

So it’s a good reason not to forget to fix your beard, even if you’re short on time.

Beard care
First of all, the beard must be thoroughly moistened before shaving, because the first step to shaving the beard accurately is to start after having carefully softened the face and beard:

Possibly with hot water or alternatively using a warm wet cloth
By doing so, beard irritation will be avoided when the razor is passed to finish the man’s beard more easily and precisely.

We advise you to make a facial scrub to remove impurities from the face.

Men’s beard products

Another tip before shaving a man is to draw the contours, and to do this, the shaving foam or gel will do for you.

Try to pass the beard products you decide to use, distributing everything evenly and until completely absorbed.

A small amount is sufficient, both to make shaving easier and to draw the contours of the beard more clearly and quickly, right from the first pass.

All of this has to be done slowly.

Beard shaving

We now proceed with the actual shaving of the beard.

Start by following the lines of the face and proceed slowly, starting from the top and continuing downwards, then from the cheeks to the neck and from the outside to the inside.

For a correct shave, proceed both in the direction of the hair and against the hair.

Once finished, rinse your face well and use an aftershave or balm to soften your facial skin.

You have therefore seen that you can shave every day, without necessarily taking a lot of time, with good organization and with the right precautions, you can save a lot of time.

Men’s razor

One of the fundamental things to take into consideration is certainly having a good men’s razor, trying to always keep it in perfect condition.

So that it will guarantee you, in addition to an always excellent result, a greater speed of execution.

Furthermore, it is always advisable to use a razor that is always in excellent condition to shave every day, in order to avoid abrasions and small cuts to the face.

So whether you use an electric razor, a classic blade one or disposable ones, always check their state of conservation.

You can also choose a razor to use in the shower, which will allow you to save time without giving up a perfect beard.

How is the beard trendy?

Let’s go now to see which are the most popular and loved beard styles, which will be the most popular next season.

One of the first things to keep in mind when choosing the type of beard you want to wear is the type of your face.

Beard and face type

Yes, because not all types of beard adapt perfectly to every facial conformation.

Elongated face

For example, if you have a long face and a prominent or protruding chin, the ideal is to opt for a VAN DYKE style beard.

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Van Dyke beard
Since it visibly shortens and rounds the contours of the face.

Rectangular face

With a rectangular face we recommend to focus on nice thick sideburns.

As for the beard trends for 2023, the long and full, thick beard is making a comeback.

Some examples can be the so-called Garibaldi beard.

Beard Garibaldi
As you have no doubt understood, it is clearly inspired by the cut sported by the famous Italian historical figure.

From the unmistakable oval shape of the final part of the beard, with a medium-long length, cheeks and mustache must be taken care of so as not to be too thick.

This is the perfect choice if you have an angular and square face.

Pointed beard
Another widely used trend will be the Ducktail Beard, that is, a pointed beard.
This variant is very elegant and distinctive.

To have an effective look you need to play with volumes, more accentuated on the chin and jaw and less on the cheeks, where the length must be more contained.

Hipster Beard
Another style for how to shave 2023, which will surely be the most popular, is the hipster beard, halfway between a well-groomed beard and an unkempt beard.

This beard style is a strong nod to the past.

To have a good result it is important that the growth of the beard takes place for at least a couple of months, obviously it must be taken care of to avoid frizz and to keep the beard alive.

After that, it should be checked regularly on the sides, so as to avoid the swollen and messy effect.

We also recommend defining the cheeks better.

Beard styles

Finally, let’s see how to make a faded beard and the trends for 2022/2023.

Corporate style beard

Let’s start with the corporate style beard, a classic choice for a tidy beard.

To achieve this, the beard is grown from 2 to 6 weeks, remembering to shave the upper line of the face and the lower part of the neck every day.

It is essential that the beard is groomed regularly to have a neat and tidy appearance.

Also use beard creams, special to facilitate everything.

Stubble Beard

Another must have of the season is certainly the stubble beard, that is the 3-4 day one, apparently neglected, but which in reality takes place through a constant beard care routine.

The effect will be a simple and elegant look to wear, ideal for those with a round face.

Choose the beard length you prefer, usually from 1 to 3 mm, and adjust thoroughly with a beard trimmer and that’s it gentlemen!

Well dear friends of CF moda, the last advice we give you is that whatever beard style you decide to adopt, you must always take care of every aspect of shaving: before, during and after, using beard products that hydrate and heal both the skin and the beard, and of course a razor that is always in perfect condition.

Finally, now you know all about how to shave 2023 to have an original look that fits your face.

CF MODA, The Editorial Team


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