How To Make Money Online From Home Without Working

Welcome back to Money Beng, today we will deal with one of the most popular topics on the web for the umpteenth time, how to make money online, from home, without working, starting from scratch, we will tell you the whole truth about how to do it and if there really is a concrete way to start.

There are many who want to leave their employees dreaming of a comfortable life working from home, and not only young people as is often praised.

Indeed we put the dots on the “i”, young people want to work, but are on average more educated than past generations, and for this reason they are looking for a job where their rights are recognized, such as a punctual payment for the service work offer, the greeting from the boss, to decide independently whether to work on midweek holidays as per law, not to exceed 8 hours a day.

In short, these are the reasons that push young people to no longer work as employees, having said that if you are here you have made the best choice for you, because this means that you are changing your way of thinking and you no longer want your boss’s ready meals. which often arrives late too.

How to make money online 2022

Many people ignore the good fortune of being born in this digital age, because they don’t understand the myriad of possibilities the web has to offer to curious people.

Yes, that’s exactly what you need to make money online from home, curiosity! Do you know why?

Because it allows you to enter the world of possibilities, if you are not curious about the ways that exist to make money you will never be able to earn from home starting from scratch, you will always remain a slave in the service of a boss.

This means that we must not just read a few lines on a topic and think that we already know the answers, we must investigate thoroughly and carefully examine whether there is a real possibility of gain.

To make money from home and especially online you must be able to go deeper than where someone else could go, looking for information without limiting yourself to the geographical area, trying to expand your views, trying to exploit the wealth of other countries thanks to connection that the web makes possible today.

Ideas for making money online from home


Even today we talk about dropshipping, for several years this American business model has also been exported to our country.

Through this mechanism you can sell what you want online without owning a physical warehouse or goods.

In fact, you just need to create a website and put the products online.

This is because there are manufacturing companies that offer the possibility of dropshipping. This means that you sell a product but the parent company will send it to the customer.

Your brand will still be applied to the products sold according to your specifications, the only thing you should focus on would be advertising to do to sell.


Those who trivialize this profession by thinking that it is only a pastime for children have not really understood anything about life and how the twenty-first century works.

By becoming a Youtuber it is possible to earn disproportionate amounts, the secret of success is consistency, you have to publish every week regularly without ever giving up, in the end the results will arrive and also the money.

Open a Youtube channel now to get started.


I am of the opinion that today being a blogger represents one of the most realistic solutions to set up on your own and stop working.

There are bloggers capable of earning millions of euros, by now they are also famous and it is also useless to mention them, you could be the next if only you had enough curiosity to go all the way to this way to make money online.

A blog costs only 15 euros and setting it up with is not that difficult, but be careful, if you don’t like writing and you are not very imaginative, then forget about the idea!

The best hosting? and

Selling digital services

To answer your question on how to make money online, we have also thought about selling digital services.

We explain how!

Are you a graphic designer? Are you a photographer? Do you create websites? Then you could contact companies from home by email or phone and explain your service to them.

It is mathematical that out of every 100 companies you contact at least one must be convertible into real money, so move your rear and get to work!

How to make money online as a Copywriter

We at Money Beng are particularly linked to this profession, this is because it is the work that allows us to live but above all to make money online from home.

And you know what, that saying is true, if you like your job it’s like you’re not really working, it looks more like a hobby you couldn’t live without.

The copywriter takes care of writing texts for magazines, product descriptions on ecommerce sites, and so on ..

It is a job that is easily found online thanks to the amount of websites currently available on the internet.

But there are also websites such as that offer the possibility of connecting supply and demand.

Selling courses online

Do you have the proper knowledge about something in particular? Are you an expert in your industry? If the answer is yes then you are okay, if the answer is no, know that you can become so by studying.

Having said that, once you have acquired the knowledge of a particular subject, you might think about organizing online courses for a class of pupils who will connect to a live one to learn from your knowledge, in exchange you can clearly ask for a course registration fee.

In this way, making money online from home becomes not only enjoyable, because you are your own boss, but also because you are teaching others something.

How to organize the courses? How to find the right customers? Remember to be curious, to deepen the topics, we are only giving you inspirations, you are the architect of your destiny!

Thank you for being with us, this article on how to make money online from home from scratch ends here, we hope we have slightly shaken something inside of you so that you may have enough curiosity to investigate all of what has been said and be able to start the journey that you it will lead to economic independence, see you soon and good continuation on Money Beng.

Money Beng, The Editorial Staff



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