How To Advertise To Find New Customers

How to advertise to find new customers? The answer comes from the internet, thanks to the mass of platforms made available to companies and professionals that make it possible to be found on the internet to increase customers, below we will explain in a few points how to do it.

How to advertise on Facebook

One of the most powerful tools on the net for advertising is certainly Facebook, a social network that has millions of keywords inside it, just like Google.

Facebook comes against us by providing various tools that can allow us to advertise on the internet to find customers, first of all the possibility of creating a page.

Nowadays all the most consolidated companies and brands have an official page on Facebook, this because it represents a business card for users as well as a great opportunity to find new ones.

So the first tip is to create a Facebook page making it as professional as possible, inserting a logo, a description, a button to be contacted, an email, the hours of your business.

Remember to constantly update the page, the more you publish and the more the Facebook algorithm will show your content, don’t forget to use hashtags and creative writing.

The second tip is instead to take advantage of paid advertising, or Facebook Ads.

When making ads, remember that users are not looking for your service and therefore are potentially not interested in advertising as is the case with Google Ads, therefore you will have to capture their attention.

How to advertise on Instagram

Instagram is a very powerful social network now belonging to Facebook, so you can manage advertising directly on Facebook Ads.

If, on the other hand, you don’t really want to know how to invest in paid advertising, you will have to focus on organic traffic.

In this case, here too you will have to create an account as professional as possible, paying attention to the feed and the colors, you need to create a brand identity.

Often use your logo, and creative writing in the caption, publish consistently, at least one post a day and don’t forget the hashtags.

How to advertise on Google

Here we come to the most interesting part of this article, Google comes to meet us in various respects and by providing various tools to promote our business.

If you have a physical activity and want to increase the number of customers, just create a business account thanks to which your business will appear on Google Maps, from here customers interested in your business can activate the directions mode and reach you.

Furthermore, by creating a Google Business account, people will be able to find your contacts very easily, they will be able to call you, send you an email, or contact you via chat.

Anyone who signs up on Google business gets immediate benefits for their physical activity, and all this for free.

Get found with Google Ads

Another way to advertise on Google is instead represented by paid advertising or Google Ads.

A platform made available to businesses and professionals by Google that allows you to advertise through text ads inserted within search results, or display ads that can be viewed when browsing on Google’s partner sites.

The platform is very intuitive and it will not be difficult to set up ads even for a novice user, who can still count on the intelligent function.

However, to use Google Ads you will need to create a website within which to direct users to view the services offered, contact you or buy products directly online.

Advertise on other channels

There are also alternative channels to Instagram, Facebook and Google Ads, for example it is possible to advertise on Youtube, TikTok, Linkedin or secondary channels.

For professionals, for example, there are channels that connect supply and demand, this means that by registering on multiple sites for professionals you can obtain a substantial increase in requests related to your services.

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