Frizzy Hair, What To Do, Remedies and Cures

Welcome back dear faithful readers of CF Moda, as always we are very happy and satisfied to have you here with us again and in ever greater numbers. In today’s article we will talk about frizzy hair.

We will see what they are, what to do to soften unruly hair and the remedies to use to say goodbye to the straw effect.

What is frizzy hair?

Let’s first understand what frizzy and swollen hair is.

The so-called frizz effect presents a head with a woolly, confusing appearance and with irregular strands, a typical effect of dry hair lacking moisture and hydration.

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So you might think that in very humid environments, the frizz effect improves; and instead the opposite effect occurs, it gets visibly worse.

Sure, that might sound like a contradiction, but there’s a reason:

  • Frizzy and dry hair, especially if with high porosity, tends to absorb the humidity present in the surrounding environment

For this, the cuticles swell and the scales that form the shaft rise, therefore, there is this annoying frizzy hair effect.

Frizzy hair causes, what are they?

As mentioned earlier, frizzy hair at the root is a lottery, full of contradictions that can easily make us go into a rage.

But following our complete guide on how to eliminate frizz, you will have all the secrets and the right remedies to permanently avoid this unsightly aspect.

Let’s start by saying that autumn and winter are the periods that most affect the health of the hair, a consequence of cold, humidity and frequent changes in temperature.

In fact, all of this contributes to dry and frizzy hair.

Frizzy hair tips

If you want to improve the appearance of your head, you need to have care routines and methods to follow on a daily basis.

First, avoid using aggressive formula shampoos and avoid very hot water when washing your hair.

Keeping your hair wet for a long time, with a towel wrapped around your head, is also not good for your hair.

Dry your hair with temperatures that are not too high and avoid hot straighteners, as well as products that contain alcohol.

Natural remedies

One of the first things to do to avoid frizzy hair at the root is to moisturize the scalp a lot.

This is because the frizz effect is due to dry and dehydrated hair.

Consequently, these frizzy hair remedies need to quench their thirst, first of all absorbing the humidity present in the environment:

Thus creating the frizzy hair effect, as if it had received an electric shock
The problem is that harmful particles such as smog, fine dust and pigments of various types are also absorbed, which are usually used during DIY treatments or at the hairdresser.


To therefore allow the correct degree of hair hydration, the amount of water taken during the day must be increased.

Excellent for making a good contribution of liquids can be:

  • Herbal teas
  • Fruit or citrus juices
  • Water-rich vegetables
  • Mineral salts

Ideal for recreating the external film that protects the hair, allowing both the stem to become stronger and to soften.

To best hydrate the hair it is essential to choose products that do not contain alcohol, because this can damage the hair during the evaporation process.

Hair treatments and advice

It is also very important to nourish frizzy hair with do-it-yourself treatments, continuously and with targeted products, of excellent quality and easy to use.

Planning a daily hair care routine and good habits over time will prolong the results.

Bet on fast and practical frizzy hair treatments, which are easy to apply, as often as needed without having to rinse.

At CF MODA, to prevent and eliminate frizzy hair, we recommend products such as:

Neutral hair moisturizing milk

Compounds based on essential oils for frizzy hair and from nuts seeds
Because they contain emollient and soothing properties and are used to create solid protection from humidity, heat and external agents.

Anti-frizz solutions

If you want silky hair, without texture with an exaggerated effect, you can opt for anti-frizz solutions.

Very suitable are light mousses for frizzy hair (which do not weigh down the hair) and particular products called oil non oil, which after application will no longer be visible, giving a discreet and optimal look.

How to wash frizzy and dry hair?

Now let’s see how and when to wash and dry frizzy hair with humidity.

First, those with this type of problem shouldn’t wash frizzy hair at the roots too often, and it’s a good idea to buy shampoos that don’t eliminate the natural oils present on the scalp.

This is because by eliminating natural lubricants we will make frizzy and dry hair even more brittle, thus making the situation worse

How often to wash frizzy hair?

The ideal would be to wash your hair a couple of times a week, applying specific treatments, for example:

  • Wraps and moisturizing oils
  • Nourishing hair masks
  • Anti frizz conditioners

As they have a strong moisturizing power and protect the hair from external atmospheric agents.

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How to dry frizzy hair?

Now let’s move on to drying frizzy and dry hair.

After having washed and nourished it, it is important not to rub the hair with a towel; on the contrary, it is better to dab them, trying to remove the extra water with delicate nods.

Frizzy hair, how to dry frizzy and puffy hair, hair care, drying your hair
Avoid brushing your hair with excessive force, especially when it is still damp, and opt for a wide-toothed wooden comb (which limits breakage as much as possible and works in a more practical and faster way).

It would be ideal to avoid using a hairdryer and let your hair dry in the open air, precisely because the hot air jet can cause frizz and dryness.

Another interesting idea is to wrap the hair inside a microfiber cloth, and for a few hours until completely dry.

If you have little time and you must necessarily use a hair dryer, do it at a distance of about 10/15 cm and with a moderate temperature.

Use products for frizzy hair

Always remember to use hair styling products that are:

  • Hair mousse
  • Frizzy hair creams
  • Anti-frizz shampoo, opt for those without alcohol because once evaporated it makes the hair drier and frizzy.

Well dear friends of CF Moda, thanks to our article you know what to do to avoid frizzy hair.

CF MODA, The Editorial Team


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