eToro Account Statement, How To Download And Where To Read It

Welcome back dear loyal readers of Invest In The Stock, we are pleased and honored to always have you here with us. In today’s article, we will talk about trading and specifically, we will understand how to view the Etoro account statement.

We’re going to analyze together what it is, how to do it and where to download it.

Pay eToro fees

As with any type of business, even on investments through online trading platforms such as eToro, taxes are paid.

In this article, we will try to give you the most detailed and complete instructions to understand how to make the tax return and calculate the account statement, in order to be up to date with the tax authorities.

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Capital gains tax return

In fact, operations related to online trading must be declared, whether there are gains from trading, i.e. eToro capital gains, or losses, i.e. capital losses.

In all honesty, let’s say right away that capital gains must be declared, while capital losses are preferable, but not mandatory.

Basically, the taxes to be paid must be calculated on the earnings, but an account statement must still be filled in with all the trading operations, regardless of their outcome.

As you can imagine, if there have been no eToro tax earnings, no tax will be paid, even if for transparency reasons, access to the Etoro account statement must be given.

Obviously we are referring to the one inherent to the operations carried out on eToro and on the other online trading platforms, not to that of the bank account.

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eToro account statement

Let’s go now to see what it is and how to obtain the eToro account statement.

It is a document that contains all the operations that the customer has carried out in a well-defined period of time and which has been registered on the eToro account.

As such, through this document it is possible to check the progress of the trading account and of all the investments made.

So as to analyze the relationship between losses and revenues, and manage the operations conducted up to that moment, in order to be able to improve their strategies to be used on the market and manage the capital to invest on eToro.

Monitor investments

However, bear in mind that we are not talking about a tax statement, but rather a document that is useful for the trader to monitor his account on the platform.

Although you can use the information from your eToro income calculation statement to fill out your tax return.

In addition, for all users using a credit card, the debits on the account statement are in the name of eToro Ltd.

How to access the eToro account statement?

To access your eToro account statement, you can do it in two distinct methods.

The first is through the settings on the eToro platform. Therefore, you access the settings, click on the tab dedicated to the account and go to the section dedicated to documents.

Finally, click on the option to view the eToro account statement.

eToro virtual wallet

Another method is through the eToro virtual wallet. Here obviously, you have to enter the tab dedicated to the wallet.

Next, click on the clock icon and view the history.

All this is also possible using the eToro mobile app, which is very intuitive and practical to use.

Well dear friends of Invest in The Stock, thanks to our guide, you know how to view your Etoro account statement.

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