Best Electric Cars 2023, What They Are, The Definitive Ranking

Welcome back dear faithful readers of CF MODA, we are always very pleased and honored to have you here with us again. In today’s article we are going to deal with a very interesting and current topic, in fact we will talk about the best electric cars in 2023.

We will see how they work, what they are and we will make the definitive classic of the most quoted in the relevant market.

What are electric cars?

Let’s first understand what an electric car is.

Basically these are vehicles that have, instead of the classic internal combustion engine (whether diesel or petrol), a completely electric motor.

For this reason they are also called “EV” or electric vehicle.

Birth of the electric car

Let’s now step back in time to see when the first electric cars appeared.

Well, in the early nineteenth century the engineer Robert Anderson built a carriage powered by an electric motor, obviously it was a prototype.

While the first real electric car was built by Thomas Parker in 1884, through the use of special high-capacity batteries, designed by himself.

However, it should be considered that between the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth, the electric car was certainly considered one of the preferred choices for means of transport, more comfortable than the fuel-powered cars of that era.

Unfortunately this technology was limited in its progress due to lack of knowledge, and the maximum speed that an electric car could reach was about 32 km/h, too low to have a satisfactory performance.

Electric car power supply

But how does an electric car model actually work? Let’s go find out.

Electric vehicles are propelled by an electric motor that uses electrical energy that is stored in the lithium-ion battery, which it then transforms into mechanical energy, sufficient to drive the electric car.

This energy is stored by the lithium-ion battery, after which, thanks to a device called an inverter, it finally reaches the electric motor.

Electric car inverter

This inverter, in practice, takes care of transforming the direct current of the accumulator into the alternating current that the motor needs to operate.

Therefore, during the accelerator release phase, the car engine works as a generator and recharges the battery, the same procedure occurs when braking.

Electric cars advantages and disadvantages

Electric cars are undoubtedly much talked about in recent years, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of these cars?

You know, zero-emission cars are certainly a desire that we all have, but are we sure that these electric cars only have positive sides? Let’s figure it out!

Electric car benefits

The first advantage is certainly performance, because an electric car will always guarantee a better driving style.

Since the electric motor is equipped with a direct power transmission to the wheels.

Therefore, the torque is always higher than a thermally powered counterpart.

In addition to the quietness of these cars and the comfort of driving in peace, without the noise of the engine in the background.

Another point in favor is dynamic braking, which allows kinetic energy to be converted into electricity, which is then stored in the car’s batteries.

Disadvantages electric car

We now come to the sore point, or rather the disadvantages of electric cars.

One of the biggest problems, if not the most annoying, is the electric car recharging time.

Charging time
Yes, because these electric cars take at least 20 minutes, only at the 60 kW columns, and require a drastic change of mentality to enter that perspective.

It’s not like going for petrol in 5 minutes, here you need to have much more patience and carefully consider when and how to recharge the electric car, given the shortage of charging stations.

Numbers in hand, we are talking about about 30,000 units, mostly 22 kW, and presented above all in northern Italy.

Autonomy of electric machines
Another age-old question is that relating to the autonomy of electric cars.

Especially when based on the values declared by the manufacturers, which are always far from reality, and therefore lower once the car has been tested.

To date, there is no electric car capable of guaranteeing a range comparable to that of a petrol or diesel one.

If you often travel on long journeys, carefully evaluate how and when to recharge the batteries.

Best electric cars 2023

Now let’s go and see which are the best 2023 electric cars on the market.

Audi A6 e-tron

Let’s start with the German Audi, with its A6 e-tron, a very elegant and comfortable sedan that will hit the market in 2023.

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With its iconic futuristic look it is available in different variants, which can have one or two electric motors.

The basic proposal features a dual 476 HP engine or 350 kW and 800 Nm of torque with a 100 kWh accumulator, which allows it to have a range of 700 km.

Abarth 500e

Top model of the Italian FIAT, this electric 500 Abarth is a real revolution, given that it is equipped with an electric propulsion unit that releases a power of 113.7 kW/155 HP with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7 seconds.

Equipped with a 42 kWh battery with fast charging up to 85 kW which allows you to reach 80% of autonomy in about 35 minutes.


Another Teutonic brand, BMW, presents this compact SUV on the market which delivers a combined power of 230 kW/313 HP and a total torque of 494 Nm.

With an electric all-wheel drive, which guarantees stability and safety in driving.

The BMW iX1 xDrive30 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds.

Cupra Born

This Cupra, a very sporty model, can be purchased in two power levels: 150 HP (110 kW) and 204 HP (150 kW).

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Also available with various packages is the e-Boost performance, present in the most powerful version, which allows you to reach a power output of 231 HP (170 kW).


We close our ranking of the best electric cars 2023 with the Japanese Honda-e.

Produced in the 100 kW or 113 kW versions, it offers a 35.5 kWh battery, one of the best in its category, which gives it a range of 220 km on a single charge.

Among other things, by keeping consumption at 10 kWh per 100 km, the range can also be increased.

Well dear friends of CF moda, thanks to this ranking you will have no doubts about which of the best 2023 electric cars to buy.

CF MODA, The Editorial Team



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