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Welcome back to Fashion Honors, today you will see which are the best best-selling economic watch brands of the year with a ranking drawn up personally by us.

Among the cheapest watch brands there are obviously some that you will surely have already heard of if you are not new to the sector but others that you may not know yet, which is why thanks to our ranking you will discover some brands of cheap and well priced watches but from modern design.


The first of our ranking could only be the Japanese brand Casio, a brand that you have surely heard of many occasions, thanks to its popularity, in particular it is famous for the production of cheap digital watches, however the brand also produces low-end analog watches. cost.

Invicta | Best cheap watch brands

Among the low-priced watch brands we also have Invicta with its analogue chronographs usually two-tone and in stainless steel, the brand is immediately recognizable thanks to the details that we find in the vast majority of its watches.

Invicta sells cheap wristwatches with a price range ranging from 50 to 100 euros, although sometimes it leans on products that go a little over one hundred euros.

It is a brand that can be found on Amazon and through which it has gained a good share of the market, below we offer you some of its best cheap watches.


Even Burei like Invicta is a cheap watch brand that can be found on Amazon, unlike the previous one, Burei is more geared towards minimalist and elegant analog wristwatches.

To distinguish this brand we think the quality of its components, in fact we always find stainless steel and Japanese quartz movement.

Clearly these are cheap brands and therefore it becomes difficult to find Japanese movements of the caliber of Citizen however it is a good compromise considering the market price of these watches that are placed in the low price range but which feature a premium and luxury design.

So these are the best cheap watch brands, is there any other you might have added? Let us know by commenting below and share the article with your friends through the social buttons you find below, see you soon and good continuation on Fashion Honors!

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