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Welcome to Fashion Honors, today we will see who Bella Hadid is with a short biography with her life and career and many other curiosities such as the height and weight of Bella Hadid, her private life, her boyfriend, etc.


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Isabella Khair Hadid, nicknamed by all Bella was born in Washington, October 9, 1996, she is the daughter of the famous international supermodel Yolanda Hadid who helped launch her daughters in the fashion world thanks to her connections.

Bella’s sister is Gigi Hadid, also an international supermodel like her now almost out of the scene after pregnancy.

Her father, on the other hand, is simply a Palestinian real estate agent whose name is Mohamed Hadid.

The springboard in Bella hadid’s career was the contract signed with IMG models in 2014, thanks to which she manages to show in New York fashion week with which she gets such exposure as to be contacted by dozens of brands national and international.

To date, Bella boasts a curriculum of hundreds of major jobs collaborating with brands of considerable importance in the international scenario, such as: Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Moschino, Balmain, Marc Jacobs, in London for Topshop Unique, Burberry and Giles and in Milan for Philipp Plein , Moschino, Missoni, Bottega Veneta, even for Chanel just to name a few.

Bella Hadid Height and weight | Body

Bella Hadid has an exceptional body, thanks not only to the years of training to be able to meet the very strict physical standards that IMG models imposes but also thanks to her genes.

The young model is 175 cm tall and her measurements are: 85-61-86, while her weight is around 57 kg.

Bella Hadid boyfriend and private life

From 2015 to 2019 Bella was romantically linked to the singer Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, but it seems that the couple was interested in a love affair in which a third figure arises, the singer Selena Gomez who manages to put discord among the two.

Now Bella Hadid has been with art director Marc Kalman since July 2020.

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Bella Hadid and her anxiety problems

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In one of her posts about her Bella tells about herself to her fans and about her distress situation, she declares that she very often has panic attacks and suffer from anxiety.

These are her words: «Social media are not real. For all those who are battling anxiety, please remember this. Sometimes someone needs to remember it, to say that we are not alone”

There was no shortage of fans to morally support the model that she today declares to have overcome these moments and to have grown up mentally enough to be able to manage and overcome them on her own.

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