Bdswiss Copy Trading | What It Is, How It Works

Welcome back dear loyal readers of Invest In The Stock, as always we are very happy and satisfied to have you here with us. In today’s article, we will talk about trading and finance, specifically, we will go to see Bdswiss copy trading.

We will see what it is, how it works and we will analyze all the main features and peculiarities of this particular tool for online trading.

What is Bdswiss?

Let’s first understand what Bdswiss is and how it works. Bdswiss is a trading company that was founded in Switzerland and currently has its head office in Cyprus, mainly engaged in online trading.

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Basically we are talking about a Swiss broker that was founded in 2012.

As specified, today we will talk about BDSwiss copy trading, a particular function of this platform.

With a regular license, BDSwiss broker has many offices spread across several countries of the European Union. Founded only a few years ago, it has proven to be one of the best online trading platforms at an international level. In fact, it is no coincidence that it is sought after by the best professional traders.

By the way, one of the focal points of this financial company’s offer is BDSwiss copy trading. This is a great feature that is very beneficial for both traders and clients.

Now let’s go deeper into this brilliant and fruitful function.

Bdswiss copy trading, what is it?

As often happens, the copy trading function is mistakenly confused with social trading and mirror trading.

Basically, this practice consists of copying the movements of other traders, through an automatic system.

Of course, the most famous and quoted copy trading brokers also offer social trading services, which make it possible to monitor both the actions and behavior of these professionals.

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How does Bdswiss Copy Trading work?

In practice, through the Bdswiss copy trading, the trader has the option of automatically copying each operation made by another user on his own online trading account.

Unlike other services, the trader does not directly provide their funds to other traders who want to replicate their work.

In fact, copying trading operations automatically involves investing the money in the trader’s account, as if it were a direct purchase.

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On a practical level, trading accounts can be connected to copy trading platforms to copy the operations of other registered users.

Consequently, once you decide to use this function, it will be enough to know when to start using a certain strategy or suspend it, BDSwiss copy trading will take care of the rest.

In this way, the copying of trading signals will be performed in proportion to the total amount available to the trader who intends to replicate.

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Trading strategies

What is more, one can also choose to become a trading strategy provider; and to enable copy trading and use this option as a partner, you need to ask your BDSwiss manager, who will allow you to use the function in a short time.

Once enabled, you will be able to access the copy trading section simply from the dashboard and you will be able to offer this functionality only to customers with Classic Forex MT4 Live accounts.

Well dear loyal friends of Invest in The Stock, thanks to our complete guide you now know how to use Bdswiss copy trading.

Invest in The Stock, The Editorial Team


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