800 Silver Value 2023, Should You Sell Today?

Welcome back dear loyal readers of Invest In The Stock, in today’s article we will talk about precious metals and safe haven assets, specifically, we will go to see 800 silver worth 2023.

We will take care of analyzing the silverware sector to evaluate how to recognize its quality, the silver prices on the market and finally, understand if it is worthwhile to sell silver.

What is Silver?

Let’s first see what 800 value 2023 silver is.

It is a precious metal that has a characteristic bright white color, and which can be used in various fields.

We know that it is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, as well as being easy to work with, as it is quite ductile.

This type of precious metal is also used to make jewelry and objects such as ornaments and cutlery, as well as being indispensable for making internal electrical circuits.

Types of silver

It is possible to find silver both in its pure state and in different types of alloys.

We consider that the product with a purity level of 1000/1000 is only used for the production of:

Silver ingots
Investment coins

Instead, alloys are used for the creation of jewelery and silverware, because being too malleable, there is a risk that they will last a short time.

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Silver alloys

In our territory, the minimum standard for these silver alloys is 800 thousandths, thus making 800 parts in silver and the others in copper.

However, we specify that the most widespread alloy globally is sterling silver, characterized by a purity level of 925/1000 (and by law, the degree of purity of the alloy must be indicated).

Silver items usually bear a wording such as Argento, Old Sheffield, Sheffield or Silver plated, depending on the type of alloy with which they were produced.

The same is true for products bearing the wording Arg.1000 or Arg.800.

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800 silver value 2023

As regards the value of silver, it should be emphasized that it must have the wording “ARG” and not “Silver Plated”.

Since with the latter we will have copper objects covered with silver, and which obviously have a lower market value than pure silver.

In particular, to follow the valuation of silver, the quotations in Euro per Kg, present on the London stock exchange, are used.

Silver quotations

Currently, 999 silver has a price of €595 per kilogram; while 925 silver is around €550 per kg.

Let’s now move on to seeing the 800 silver value 2023, which has a lower price of €476 per kg.

In conclusion, if you are wondering whether it is worth investing in silver right now, the answer is unfortunately no.

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Consequently, even if you intend to sell silver, the advice is to do so only if you find yourself in a situation where you risk losing a large part of your invested capital.

This is because silver 800 value 2023 has suffered a constant loss in value in recent periods. Therefore, we recommend waiting for the market to be more favourable.

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